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  • What Every Married Woman Needs on March 03, 2012

    This book is more of a manual for men about how to have a good relationship. It doesn't matter if you are married or in a relationship with someone, the rules in this book still apply. They are thoughtful, compassionate and accurate. It's based on the experiences of the author during his 35 years of marriage. He admits he's dealt with some of the situations himself and learned how to get through them with his marriage stronger and more importantly..intact. Every man should be given this book at puberty to learn before he actually needs the information. I found this book to be fun, well written and easy to understand. It hit all the spots where men seem to flounder when their relationship experiences problems. Mr. Caresser put a lot of thought into this book and was kind enough to openly share of his own life. I think it really helps to read that someone else was in the boat you find yourself in and the information isn't from someone who has no clue.
  • Hotter on the Edge on March 09, 2012

    Three novellas that are in a fantasy setting, but explore the same topic. How quickly you can fall in love with someone who pushes your buttons. Authors Erin Kellison, KC Klein and Jessa Slade, each have their own unique style of taking you on the voyage in a sizzling, exciting and new way. In "All That Glitters" Mica Sol is part of a royal family. She doesn't really want to be. She wants to explore the planet. She goes away to do just that. Then her sister contacts her to let Mica know she's getting married. On her way back home, Mica literally falls for her ex Simon. They go through a lot, but in the end realize they were meant to be together. "To Buy a Wife" is set after the global war. Hudson Black Creek witnesses a female being beheaded. When they bring the second female prisoner to be beheaded, Hudson is immediately taken by her. Without realizing it, he speaks up to save her. Lake is to be executed because she was found with a personal computer. They must learn to get along and might fall in love too. " Enslaved by Starlight" finds Corso Deynah lounging on his ship. His spaceship. Suddenly he is contacted by someone. Benedetta Galil asks for his help in saving their planet. Her planet is home to some very special crystals and pleasure slaves. Reluctantly, Corso goes to the planet to see what they expect him to do. If he succeeds, his payment will be Benedetta herself. Even though he declines the payment, Corso is drawn to Benedetta. From here anything could happen. I LOVED the premise for this set of books. To think someone is terrible and then fall in love with them is wonderful. The chemistry between them is undeniable from the beginning, but it takes something drastic to realize what they mean to you. The stories are full of heat and excitement. You'll want this book on your shelf. I didn't find anything wrong with any of them. I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it was a fun read.
  • An Unproductive Woman on March 19, 2012

    Asabe was married to the man she loved, Adam. She never wanted to be married to any other man. The only thing missing from their happy lives were children. Try as she might Asabe wasn't able to conceive. She didn't know at the time that Adam had a son by a Western woman. All she knew was Adam craved a son. Adam married twice and though he tried, he was given daughters. Asabe goes above and beyond as his first wife. She cooks, cleans, launders his clothing and keeps things running smoothly. His second wife was just a child when she first came to him and although it was tough, Asabe and Fatima became sisters. Adam's third wife was a selfish, arrogant, spoiled woman. Asabe and she had known each other as children. Now it would take every ounce of patience and faith Asabe had to deal with her. When it seems as though tragedy and heartbreak are all Adam's household will know, a miracle happens. Heartwarming, enriching and full of wonderful life lessons, this book should be on your list. The messages contained in this story are ones everyone can learn something from. Love, marriage, children and doing what's right are all included in this story. One woman endures so much to make her husband happy and to keep her life as peaceful as possible. I recommend this book to everyone. You will be amazed at all she goes through in her lifetime. I didn't find anything wrong with this one. I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it was amazing.
  • Blood Passage on March 20, 2012

    A murder scene looks like a drug deal gone wrong. It's worked until there doesn't seem to be any more evidence then turned over to CCU. Four years later, the case seems to be fully active again. New information has been brought to light that might help solve the murder. Donaghue and Stainer are working the case as if it's new again. Asking questions, meeting people from the past and taking in the new information. It seems Martin Liu, the victim, is reincarnated in the body and mind of three and a half year old Taylor Chan. It might seem random, but Taylor is Liu's cousin's child. He knows to much to be making it up. There are things that don't match up and many more things that do. At first they think it's all bunk, until they start learning Taylor was dead on in his statements. This might even lead to solving the murder. Not your typical police drama with the inclusion of reincarnation. Many crime drama writers wouldn't have taken this turn, but you know what, it works. It makes the story seem more like something that could actually happen. Especially once you read what the child knows. Action filled and worthy of it's own television show, this book is perfect for those looking for something a little different. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn't find anything wrong. It covered all the bases. I gave this one a 5 out of 5 books because I didn't see the reincarnation coming and it was easy to accept when it did.
  • Birdie Down on March 24, 2012

    The year is 2210, and things are just a bit different now. Earth has several planets and they are under corporate rule. The corporation then reports back to Earth. Lynthax is that company. As with many companies, Lynthax believe themselves to be above the law. They downsize and rearrange peoples lives in a careless way. Many found fault with Lynthax and decided to fight back. The rebellion is new and still unorganized, but willing to fight to the death to expose the ways of Lynthax. The rebels are looking for independence from Earth and they'll do anything to get it. They promised land to those who would join the rebellion and help them gain the independence. The first to join were ex-cops. They'd been fired from their jobs by Lynthax. Andrew "Birdie" Goosen is one of them. During one mission to shut down Lynthax information storage facilities, Birdie's shuttle is shot down. Now what? Read the book to find out more. I am a geek fan if ever there was one for books such as this. I love 'seeing' into the future as to what others feel our world might include. Jim Graham didn't disappoint. His vision of Earth in 2210 seems to be right in line with where we are today. The story is age old, the oppressed fighting the oppressor. It's always been my habit to support the underdog and I'm no different in this instance. Birdie Down is a well crafted tale and action filled. You'll enjoy the way this story unfolds with no apology for what the rebels do in an effort to win freedom. It offers all the things a scifi fan would look for and includes some, to me at least, gory, horror film stuff too. Not over the top, just fits with the story. I am delighted to say, there were no issues. I gave this on 4 out of 5 books just because of the horror film quality in part of it (not a fan).
  • Finding Your Road To Success - How To Get There Without Getting Lost on March 30, 2012

    * How to get there without getting lost* This book is a guide to help you begin your path to being successful with your goals. A common sense look at the baby steps needed to begin and how to keep track of your goals. Success happens one step at a time. One goal at a time. Don't be discouraged with setbacks, learn from them and go on to the next step. By adjusting the way you think and the way you approach your road to success you can achieve whatever you wish to. Each person's goals are different and everyone moves at a different pace. Don't judge your success by society's idea of success. Be willing to grow, adjust and keep moving. "Life is going to shovel all kinds of dirt on you. But each trouble can be a stepping stone with the right attitude and road map." It's as simple and complex as that. I love this book. It brings things down to a basic level of understanding so everyone will get something out of it. I like the way Patrick Daniel incorporates his own life experiences and quotes to fit what he's saying in this book. It reminds us of the basic steps we need to take before we can begin to work toward our goals. This book is informative, helpful and one you'll refer to again and again. I think this book should be a must read for anyone but especially those in business who want to climb the ladder so to speak. We've all heard about needing to set goals in our lives, Mr. Daniel gives us the playbook to do just that. I didn't find any issues. I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's a book you need to have.
  • A Dream in the Night - 2nd Edition on April 25, 2012

    A deeply personal reflection of love, hate, life and death. Poetry to make you think about times in your own life and how you came through them on the other side. Not a black and white version of what should be, just a guideline to give you direction. Michael Phoenix allows us to explore with him as he tries to figure out just where he fits in all of this stuff called life. I really enjoyed this collection of poetry and thoughts. I felt many of these same things when I lost three different people in my life at different times. I thank Michael Phoenix for sharing some of his deepest emotions and thoughts with us as he works through it all. This is one you'll refer to again and again. It's timeless when it comes to life and death. Easy to read and yet more complicated than anything you'll ever deal with, this book has it all. I recommend this to anyone but especially to those struggling. I found no issues with this one. I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because of its unique way of saying what we all feel at one time or another.