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  • Brother on Feb. 26, 2023

    As a person who enjoys reading books with these themes and as a Vivancos fan especially, I found that this book was perfect. For me. In my view, the key ingredient in a book like this is the yearning . Here Vivancos portrays Nathan's yearning so well that it becomes a visceral thing. This book contains Vivancos' signature atmospheric prose coupled with a compelling story that, though the book is on the shorter side, somehow unfolds in an organic way. People often complain that it's impossible to deliver well-developed characters along with a believable storyline in a short span of pages. With this one, Vivancos once again proves that theory wrong. This one packs quite the punch. And while of course I would have loved more, in my opinion this book tells a complete story and is perfect as is. All the stars for this one.
  • My Two Dads on Feb. 26, 2023

    So far TM Chris' incest books have read on the lighter side. To me. They still qualify as taboo of course, but they move past the dark and forbidden aspect of this kind of relationship quickly whereas other books tend to dwell on it. I don't always prefer that, but here it was fun. This is also my first time reading an MMM featuring father/son/stepdad. It's a combination that I hadn't thought of before so it was interesting to see it here. A fun kind of short and well-executed, even if it is a little fluffy.
  • His Brother's Brat on Feb. 26, 2023

    Please keep in mind, I’m talking about books here, not real life. This one was a bit of a disappointment. Yes, it’s a taboo relationship, and yes, these two have taboo thoughts. But since the first sexual encounter doesn’t happen until about 75%, this mostly read like two dudes hanging out. That power imbalance is always there, but without the accompanying taboo actions, much of this book didn’t read as particularly taboo. It was fine, and I’ll read more for sure, but this one was a bit of a letdown.
  • Forbidden Family Sex (10 Taboo Incest Stories) (Daddy Daughter Sex Family Incest First Time Virgin Breeding) on May 04, 2023

    I looked through the first five stories. When we're talking about taboo books, young women who have sex with older men who are not related to them by blood is neither incest nor taboo. I read the first five stories. It was all step-daughter/step-father. Look, if you're too much of a coward to actually write taboo, then don't market your books as taboo, and certainly don't throw the word incest into the title. At best this is age gap erotica and I'm bored. Pass.