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  • The Blind Lily: A Gifted Series Companion on April 16, 2012

    The Blind Lily doesn't waste any time getting into the action! Right from the start when we are introduced to Lily she is kicking some serious butt! This girl is tough and definitely not someone that you want to mess with lightly! This was quite a quick and easy read. I would say that if you sat and read the book from start to finish it would only take a couple of hours. Even though it was a quick read an awful lot happens and it spans quite a broad time frame. Being such a short read I really don't want to give away any of the plot details, but one of the things that I loved in The Blind Lily was the authors description of the time travel, from the feelings, to the tastes and the smells..... "Being in the time portal is like soaring through space. Inside this invisible tunnel, I smell flowers when I am happy, raw fish when I have sour feelings, and when I am angry, I normally smell something like burning tar. My least favorite part is the temperature; it is always so cold. Like the air conditioning turned on full blast. Light and darkness blend together making sight difficult. I can only see the scenes that I'm passing by, when I don't look right at them. I can only use my periphery vision; otherwise all I see is darkness."..... I'm really interested in where part two will take us in Lily's journey and seeing how she will adjust to the obstacles that she was facing at the end of book one! All in all, an enjoyable read with plenty of action and some romance thrown in for good measure!!.... 3.75/5
  • The Blood Moon of Winter - 2nd Edition on June 01, 2012

    Let me start by saying that for me, this book doesn't fit into the normal YA genre, purely because of the ages of the characters involved in the story. They don't fit into the normal age bracket that is generally featured in young adult books. There is also one sex scene, which while it isn't terribly graphic, it is there. So I would probably say that this is suitable for the higher aged teen and upwards!! But all of that being said, The Blood Moon of Winter is an enjoyable read!! Some of the things I loved about it were... THE COVER: It couldn't have fitted in better with the whole story. Absolutely perfect!! The Blood Moon, the dress, the hair, the tattoo, the lake!! A perfect representation of the story!! LILYANA: She is a reader. A lover of books. And one of the quotes I loved most in the book was “I love books because they are easier than people.” There are days when I absolutely feel like that myself!! JASON: Caring, protective, loving!! And he's an author!! What more could you want!! THE ENDING: Wow!! What a fantastic lead in to the next book!! On the downside, I found the speech between the characters to be a bit stilted. I felt it wasn't as free flowing as it should be when you're having a conversation with someone. The plot and storyline keep you interested and the characters are all well rounded although I would have liked a little more background information for Lily's reluctance to date. So, will I be reading more of this series? Definitely! The ending alone was enough to have me guessing as to what will happen next!!
  • My Recycled Soul on July 05, 2012

    I love the idea of two souls being connected and finding each other at different points through time. The coming together of two souls who may have been kept apart previously by circumstance, finding each other again and hopefully getting it right. Elizabeth has always be very good at covering up her emotions. Making people believe that all is right in her world. When she and her family relocate from California to Ireland she tries her hardest to cover her unhappiness. When Elizabeth and Jared meet I was slightly thrown by their instant love, but once you understand the premise of the story and the connection of their souls it makes complete sense. And they were so good together!! And he sees through her act at making everyone think she is happy. I flew through the first half of the book as the two of them spent time together. And then out of the blue I was thrown by a decision that Elizabeth makes and it took me a little while to get back in to the groove of the story. Enter Joshua. I didn't warm to him straight away. But as the story went on, warm to him I did and then I was knocked for six by the turn in the story!! It was completely unexpected and I could feel all the emotions that Elizabeth was experiencing!! There was a point in the book where Jared tells Elizabeth that she frustrates him and I have to admit that there were times when I felt exactly the same way!! I just felt that she jumped to conclusions so quickly without talking things through. Is My Recycled Soul a book that I would recommend? Most definitely!! It was a really easy and enjoyable read and the whole concept of the story was great!