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Smashwords book reviews by jenny needham

  • Compulsion on Jan. 13, 2012

    This book is about Lilyann Moon, when her grandmother dies out of the blue, and under suspicious circumstances she tries to make sense of it all. With eleven younger members of the family, she and everyone else are set to make a discovery that will change their lives forever. When items left in her grandmothers will start to make them all question why their grandmother left them. After struggling to deal with everything that has happened Lily returns to her grandmothers home where she discovers the mystery behind the items her grandmother left everyone. Now she has to deal with her family members, and explain to them that she and the rest of them are witches, and they are the strongest coven to exist. The whole family have to learn fast to use their powers as the paranormal world is closing in on them, and they are being hunted by vampires leaving the whole family at risk of being killed if they don't manage to get everything sorted in time. During this period she meets Mason and everything in her personal life changes, but will the secrets he hides and her family be in danger and will they accept him? From the very start of this book i was captivated by the characters, and the storyline. The scenes with Lily's grandmother will reading were emotional and heart felt drawing the reader into the world and making sure you wanted to stay there. I loved Lily's character and felt like i was going through every emotion she felt with her, especially when it came to her family,friends and Mason. The coven dynamics were amazing and the in depth knowledge for the spells and rituals was well written and researched, leaving the reader believing that when they are performed they would work out. Each family member had their own quirks and were individual, making me laugh at times and want to cry at others. In all i really like this young adult paranormal fiction book and would recommend it to readers who enjoy reading that genre. So all credit goes to Kymberlee in her writing and i cant wait for the next instalment to be released to find our where Lily is going next.