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Smashwords book reviews by maeva

  • Glamour (Rae Wilder #1) on Nov. 30, 2010

    (from Murphy's Library - Rae Wilder is a Disciple, which means she’s been trained to become a Cleric—the fastest, strongest and most intelligent and intuitive of humankind—at the Temple. The Clerics fight against the demons—vampires, shifters, witches, goblins and fairies, although most part of the humans believe the fairies are practically extinct—that are Outside the Wall since the Rupture (a global slaughter that had nearly wiped the entire human race of the face of the planet, according to the Priests’ sermons). Thanks to the Sect Cleric, though, the humankind survived—and now they all live inside the Wall, strongly guarded by the Clerics. When Rae leaves her dormitory one morning to run—something she’s been doing since ever—and goes Outside, she gets in trouble. Real trouble: she witnesses two Clerics killing a green skin fairy-girl, and they see her. While running away from them—she knows she’s in trouble if they get her—, something happens. Rae feels pain, a terrible pain that runs through her entire body. And when the pain is gone, there’s this boy looking at her—and talking to her, and saying she’s his. His name is Breandan, he’s a male fairy, and he’s got some news to Rae: she’s a fairy too. A demon. Exactly the kind of creature she’s been trained to fight against. The Demon Girl has an interesting plot—that could’ve been better told, in my opinion. The entire story happens in just two days, and it was kinda difficult to me to accept the fact that Rae’s so commited with her new world so fast. I’m not a big fan of loves triangles, but I did like Rae’s position on this one. She’s a tough girl who doesn’t let anyone tell what she’d do. I’d recommend a revision on the text—found lots of grammar errors and some typos too—, as well as on some parts of the story, and I’d advice the author to reconsider the time on the story, everything was way too fast to me.