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  • Rock & Roll (Vol. I of the Savannah Rossi Chronicles) on Jan. 16, 2013

    I was really looking forward this book and loved it! It's a short story and very very hot! It talks about a female rock star named Savannah Rossi who is confident, very talented and super sexy. The sex scenes are amazing, so if you are into this genre this book won't disapoint you! Even better, it will give you a different perspective, because when reading erotic books we always get the dominant male and here we have a dominat female for a change! A hot, rock female star that drives men crazy and always gets what she wants. "But her Chosen wasn´t finished. Savannah's ripples of pleasure hadn't even begun to subside before he pulled out of her, reached around her and swiped all her cosmetic onto the floor, then whipped her around to face him. He lifted her up onto the table, spread her legs and placed his monstrous, throbbing cock at the entrance to her dripping, still pulsating canyon."