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  • Forge of Stones on Aug. 28, 2012

    I do not like writing reviews,but here it goes. Forge of Stones is fascinating;whether you like the genre or not you will find yourself liking this book.Yes,it is a bit long at certain moments,some may even say windy,but the intertwined plots kept me interested and eager to find out what happens in the end.Then again all internal struggles to overcome our limitations and surpass ourselves take some time, why should these characters take any shortcuts? It might seems that the end is final and unjust for so many people,as a fellow reader commented else-were but not all stories but end with a "they lived happily ever after". What I liked best, besides RON that is, is that the ending left a lot of room for me to speculate as to what could or ever should follow in the lives of the few that survive this adventure. I'd recommend it to all.\ And a personal request, please keep remarks about extensive vocabulary use and such to yourselves. The language is pretty simple and the vocabulary far from uncommon,again as fellow reviewers else-were claimed,unless you are still in elementary school.
  • Bobby on a stick on Aug. 28, 2012

    Let me keep this one short; I loved it! For all of you who may not catch on all the references, you loose. Smart,fast,insane,familiar yet fresh,a book that should be read just as it was written; in one breath. Read and you'll see what I mean.