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The Liar The Cheat and The Thief - Deception and the Art of Sword Play
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 34,680. Language: English. Published: December 13, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Martial arts
You don't fight bodies, you fight minds. Maija Soderholm of Sonny Umpad's Visayan Corto Kadena and Larga Mano System presents the details of one of the most important and least understood aspects of personal combat: How to control the opponent's mind. The Liar the Cheat and The Thief explores the drills and mindset of one of the last modern duelists. A Sun Tzu said "All warfare is deception".

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  • Drills: Training for Sudden Violence (A Chiron Manual) on April 01, 2011

    I'm finding it hard to come up with a better way to describe this book than already exists, so I am going to shamelessly quote others who have already expressed in words what is in my head - From a reader quoted on the chirontraining website: "It's not so much a drill book as a guide to re-engineering oneself..." Yep just like he said .... From 2007 Blog Book - Rory, from a conversation with Joe Graziano: "Because fighting is very, very complex- but so are you. Your complexity is a match for the problem's complexity. Since you can't know and collect exactly what you'll need, just get better. At everything. Not training to a standard or for a problem, training to be. Training towards perfection, a little at a time". Also from 2007: Rory "I think, I hope, that I can literally alter their minds - make pain merely a data point; teach them to thrive in physical chaos; learn that their bodies are nothing but toys- and so is the threat's. Bring them to the point where they enjoy receiving a good hit. Where they realize that violence is the way of the world and can then choose to rise above it out of choice rather than hide from it in fear." Rory is one of the most alive, switched on, engaged people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. This book is a look into his ideas about helping others become the same.