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  • Our Universal Journey on July 23, 2012

    First of all, my greatest thanks to your courage, inner strength and time.Only few people can stand up and face such great challenges that you, for example, have had... Admirable. I don't like reading that much but somehow I indeed up buying your e-book after watching most of your videos on youtube. I felt relieved that there is more to life than what I have been experiencing at present. I am now feeling less bored and tired after knowing some of the greatest information, if not the ultimate, you have shared. I have always been asking myself "who am I and what is my purpose of living here" when all I feel is few superficial enjoyment and then comes an overload of boredom I could not explain, regardless how busy or distracted I am in any way. I am just glad that life is infinite and so the possibilities. I have no memories of even a bit of Universal knowledge of any sort, or any meditation. With all honesty, this is my only point of reference for now which I am at peace with and also excited about. My heartfelt thanks to your message George and to all the people who assisted in passing these messages.