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Malachite Quills Publishing started in 2011. Its founders began the company to promote quality and innovation in publishing. Too many new publishers left their writers to market, promote, and support their own titles. Too many old publishers were only interested in writers who had already crafted successful careers, while simultaneously getting mired in bureaucracy and inefficient tradition. Consequently, Malachite Quills was created to help both new and experienced writers. Its editors and managers research new techniques and technologies to market and sell the highest quality stories possible. Based in Rancho Cordova, Malachite Quills has grown quickly and the company now has an imprint/sub sidiary dedicated to game publishing (Evil Monday Games).

Our goal is to publish great books and foster writers in their careers. We help individuals who are eager to build careers and inspire as many readers as possible. The right words can change the world, but writers often struggle to get their works out into the public. They might have great stories, but sometimes editing, publication, and promotion can be tough. We offer the resources to make a good writer great.

We want writers who stir imaginations and hunt for new concepts, twists, creatures, characters--the words that can redefine how readers see the world.

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