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Malcolm McKay has published three novels, THE LACK BROTHERS, BREAKING UP and THISTOWN (for children), as well as being a writer and director for television. His writing has always dealt with extreme behaviour and includes the controversial BBC play AIRBASE which dealt metaphorically with drug abuse on a USAF base in England (the plays was mentioned in Parliament after Prime Minister Thatcher demanded a copy). His work also includes the multi-award winning A WANTED MAN trilogy one of the first television dramas to deal in depth with the arrest, trial and pychology of a serial killer. His stage play, THE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE describes the slow descent of the Californian cult into paranoia and mass suicide. In his film MARIA’S CHILD, he graphically describes a female dancer’s decision to abort her child and the subsequent doubts and difficulties of the process. Malcolm Mckay has been a writer for forty years. THE PATH is his first novel to be published as an ebook.

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