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  • Zachary Pill, The Dragon at Station End, Trilogy on Dec. 01, 2011

    I adore dragon tales, and this was a huge success. Zachary Pill is a story I cannot wait to read to my children when they are a little older. This fiery tale weaves magic into loyalty, friendship, justice, and heroism. Zachary Pill is forced to battle bullies in both his personal life in Boston and the magical world when forced to move to Station End. Zachary's journey - from the eccentric teenage boy with green hair who is bullied at school to the dragon who defends the earth from a troll who wants to open the ancient doors to other worlds - spans the course of about a week. It's not all bullies and battles though. Every twist and turn is perfectly interlaced with comic relief. Tim Greaton's outstanding writing captures the reader's heart by allowing him/her to step inside the mind of a witty, brave, overwhelmed, and lovestruck teenage boy. I found myself cheering for Zachary and his friends every step of the way. I am very excited to read the next books in this series. I think the Zachary Pill series would be a box office hit! Definitely two thumbs up from me.
  • Aurealis #46 on Jan. 27, 2012

    What lengths might you go to if the love of your life died? If you had the opportunity to bring your true love back from death’s firm grip, would you seize it? Andrew J. McKiernan’s short story “Love Death” tugs and twists the heartstrings as Eduardo is determined to have his bride, Catrina, resurrected. The balanced scale between life and death dangles precariously under the weight of the desperate heart. “Love Death” is the first story I’ve read from Australian fantasy and sci-fi author, McKiernan. For a short magazine-published story, I was impressed. Its emotionally raw ending had me feeling the effects hours later. I plan to seek out more writings from McKiernan.