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  • The Color of Heaven on March 02, 2011
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    Life is good for Sophie Duncan. She had a great career, the love of a fantastic man and her beautiful daughter. Then her world comes crashing down around her. Her beautiful daughter becomes desperately ill and her husband has an affair. Then to make matters worse her car skids off the road and she plunges into a lake. Who would have thought that enlightenment would come at such a time? Sophie is launched into a journey that will forever change her life. The Color of Heaven is a very emotional read. When Sophie cried, I cried. When Sophie smiled, I smiled. I couldn’t stop reading it. From the beginning there were questions that needed to be answered. This is a story about love, grief, disappointment, hope, faith and happiness. Some may call it depressing. I call it living. Julianne’s story-telling is great. I highly recommend this read. Mammy Deb
  • The Survivors Book I: Summer on Oct. 07, 2013

    The Survivors Book 1: Summer The Survivors by V.L. Dreyer Given by author for an honest review. Wow! This is my first Apocalyptic/Dystopian read. I have to say, I think I may be completely hooked! This was an emotional roller-coaster. I was left basically sitting on the edge of my seat, digging my nails into the arm of my chair, to having a box of Kleenex always near. Thank you V.L. Dreyer for the heart stopping, heart pounding, tears running and feelings of hope. Sandy McDermott has to learn to survive in a virus savaged world. She is the last one left out of her family. A new strain of the Ebola virus has made it's way around the world, leaving few "survivors" in it's aftermath. Believing that she can't trust other survivors, due to early experiences with them, she stays to herself. She gets along just fine on her own, or so she thinks. Then, she meets up with more survivors. Can they be trusted? Can she learn to trust again? Join Sandy in a world where there are few resources and even fewer people. Where the zombies are no threat, but there is plenty to be afraid of. V.L. Dreyer has done an excellent job ob painting a world ravished by death and the need/will to survive. As a new reader to this genre, I highly recommend this book. I am sure the ones to follow will be just as riveting as this one.