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  • Dirty Little Angels on Feb. 20, 2011

    At first I thought Dirty Little Angel was a coming-of-age novel, but then I realized it's more like the story of Hailey's descent into hell. Hailey is trapped in a world I have no first-hand knowledge off, but still I can empathize with her, and feel the claustrophobia of an unavoidable destiny (for her, but also for the majority of this book's characters). Hailey is a likable character and her wrong choices do not succeed in making her unpleasant. She is only reacting to the rage she feels for not having what she should have, and deserves to have: love. She tries to free herself of this rage, unfortunately in the worst of ways. I loved this character and I loved the novel's language. They both made Dirty Little Angels almost perfect to me. I say "almost" because I was expecting something more from the ending. I'm not talking about the plot itself. I'm talking about the novel's message: it seems to me that something is lacking and that the novel's closure is not complete.