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Canadian horror author Mandy White currently resides on Vancouver Island. She may often be found lurking in the forest, daydreaming dark thoughts that inevitably come to life in print.

Her work often features Canadian characters and locations; she delights in twisting her everyday surroundings into weird and disturbing tales. Caution: if you happen to cross her path, you may find yourself in an upcoming story.

Author of several books, Mandy is particularly fond of short stories. She is founder of WPaD (Writers, Poets and Deviants), a group of writers known for publishing charity anthologies for Multiple Sclerosis research.

She is currently writing a sequel to The Feeder. The new novel, entitled Fed Up, promises more of the graphic scenes gore fans enjoyed in The Feeder, along with a romantic interest for protagonist Sam. In order to win Sam's cynical heart, you can be sure the new character will be equally twisted.

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Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 38,110. Language: English. Published: April 12, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
A collection of short stories from the twisted mind of Mandy White. Creepy, eerie, darkly humorous and downright bizarre - you'll find a bit of everything here. Also take a sneak peek at one of her full length novels, The Feeder.
The Jealousy Game
Price: Free! Words: 12,060. Language: English. Published: March 14, 2011 . Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dysfunctional relationships, Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Abuse / domestic partner abuse
(5.00 from 1 review)
Is your boyfriend or husband unreasonably jealous? Fact: Every day 3 women die at the hands of an abusive partner in the USA. Fact: Physical abuse often goes hand in hand with jealousy. People mistake jealousy for an endearing display of affection without realizing it can be a sign of something more sinister. How do you know if jealousy is simple affection or unhealthy obsession?

Smashwords book reviews by Mandy White

  • Bright Links Dark Links on Oct. 03, 2011

    Is the ability to see spirits a gift or a curse? Jeannie sees her unique ability as a detriment that makes her abnormal. For her, even the simple act of driving past a cemetary can be a terrifying experience. But when the ghost of a frightened young boy appears to her and begs for help, she finds it impossible to refuse. Bright Links Dark Links is a chilling and suspense-filled ghost story that captivated me right from the beginning. It has a level of creepiness similar to that of The Grudge, and I found it difficult to put down once I started reading. Set in Singapore, this well-written book speaks easily to readers from Western countries or anywhere in the world. Looking forward to reading more from this talented author. Highly recommended. Five stars!
  • Betrayed on Oct. 07, 2011

    Betrayed is one story that wastes no time. The reader is thrown right into the thick of the action right from the first chapter and from that point forward I found the book nearly impossible to put down. Brook, a wealthy woman, is torn from her safe and civilized lifestyle when she is abducted by what appears to be a group of car thieves. The reader feels her pain and terror as she is cruelly brutalized by her captors and cheers her on as she tries to escape. The horrific experience launches Brook into unfamiliar territory, adventure and betrayal, leading to a satisfying conclusion. I will definitely be picking up other books by these outstanding authors.
  • Deadlocked on Jan. 09, 2012

    This zombie apocalypse story is based on a terrifying premise: bioterrorism. Deadlocked is page after page of breathtaking suspense right from page one, where we find our main character, David, faced with a terrifying personal reality just before the rest of the world goes to pieces around him. When chaos strikes, David is at work in the heart of the city, far from his home and family. He must leave the safety of the office building, braving crushing crowds of panicked people and violent flesh-eating zombies to make the perilous journey home. His singular goal is to reach his wife and daughters and get them to safety. Will he make it? More importantly, will they still be alive when he gets there?
  • Bang U on Feb. 09, 2012

    A couple of sizzling hot stories featuring the sexcapades of students and faculty at Bang U, a university that sounds like 'loads' of fun! First, a trio of horny gymnasts have their way with their male teacher. The second is every young male's fantasy as a sexy female prof spices up the lesson with some hands-on instruction. Hot stuff!
  • Rain's Fairy Tale on Feb. 12, 2012

    This is one of the most captivating tales I've read in a very long time! This is not a young adult book - It's suited to more mature readers or older teens. It's a bit difficult to categorize because of its uniqueness, and that's part of its charm. It's sort of a tragic modern-day fairytale...a story of forbidden teenage love starring Angel, AKA Rain, an angst-filled heroine who lives between two very different worlds with one foot in each but never belonging in either. In most fairy tales love conquers all, but in this one, even the purest and most powerful love can't make everything all right. It's the sort of story that sticks with you long after you've finished reading. Definitely worth the read.