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  • Fizzyx for Fun, Exploring Physics through Experiment & Creative Play on July 30, 2013

    If you have children who are curious, then this book is for you. When our children were younger, I bought a number of these kinds of books. This one has so much more than the others that I had tried. It has many interesting types of experiments to choose from that are quite creative. I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to keep their children (or nieces and nephews) active and thinking about the world around them. As a biologist, the books that I had bought for my kids were more biologically oriented. If I had seen this one all those years ago, I would have liked it too. I especially liked the playful aspect of this, for example, the activity where you explore magnets to make a scene in a box. For under $10, this book is a great gift to a child!