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I am the owner of the lifestyle magazine Kink~E Magazine and new author to my trilogy beginning with book one An Illegal Affair from the series A Trilogy of Affairs.

I have been writing my whole life and running my magazine since September of 2002. A lot has changed since the inception of the internet and how we communicate with each other. Through the magazine, we focus on Alternative Lifestyles, with respect to people and their life choices and how they live. It is important to reflect, without bias and malice.

Kink~E Magazine is not just about the joy of sex, but more about respecting different lifestyles alternatives, connecting and educating our audience in the value of the lifestyle they wish to seek and or better understand.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
The story of An Illegal Affair is about two people who have personal conflicts in their lives and they're not sure how to go about it other than follow the direction of others. Sometimes, in real life, we subject ourselves to other people's advice because we trust them, but what happens when the very people we trust, isn't the best advice to follow?

As humans are we ever really satisfied in our current relationships and if we want more, how can we find that with our current partner without the means of going outside of the relationship.

Jack and Nancy both struggle with the familiarity factor. A dangerous character flaw when we get afraid to go outside of that comfort zone and explore, despite the exterior factors outside of their lives. We've heard the saying, "familiarity breeds content" but what if that familiarity breeds resentment. Then what?

Jack and Nancy are your average couple, exploring and loving each other as they understand the meaning of love.

I loved writing book one as it begin's Nancy's journey into love and the mistakes she makes along the way.

For anyone to say love came easy for them, it never does.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have always loved writing. It was one of the characteristics I developed from early childhood. It was the place where I can dream through my words. When I started my magazine, it wasn't about me but exploring a lifestyle through the eyes of others.

Once the magazine became established, I found something was still missing. Through my own personal experiences, i wanted to incorporate a story using myself as the basis of the character, "Nancy", where every woman can identify with someone who works, aspires to dream big, and has been hurt and how she gets through that pain.

My writing style has been more of me talking to a friend, sharing my personal thoughts and secrets. That friend you laugh with over coffee or drinks after work. I wanted my book to reflect that and feel they know the people I incorporated in my book An Illegal Affair.
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