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  • Each Other on May 08, 2012

    Love stories have a formula: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, girl loses boy. It’s a tried and true formula; it’s been successful for hundreds of years. But Each Other has something going for it. Each Other has Pamela Erikson. While the premise is as old as the hills, Ms. Erikson has crafted a wonderfully engaging, enjoyable novel. By limiting the timeline of the major storyline to one year during a tumultuous segment of our country’s history, she keeps us from slogging through too much of a history class, so she can focus on drawing us in to her characters lives. And draw us in she does! Her fabulous descriptions of the world her characters reside in have the reader hearing the sounds, tasting the foods, touching the fabrics and textures and feeling the emotions that they are experiencing. You don’t have to stop and close your eyes to imagine what is happening, you just want to keep reading. With a strong, smart and resourceful leading lady as the narrator, the story moves along swiftly, taking us into every corner of her life and her heart. It’s easy to identify with her because she is so well written! And when conflict does arise, the way in which Ms. Erikson weaves the story in such a believable manner, is amazing. This is a great book, full of the perfect combination of romance and reality. Not to be passed up.