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I was Born in Chicago Illinois on 18th and Oakley.I went to St Annes Church Catholic School and to Church when l was a Child.! I remember sitting down kneeling in Church when l turned my head to the right.I remember looking at a Statue of an Angel with massive white Wings.I felt it smiled at me, l believed he did but l turned away because l was shy. Then, l turned my head to the right l looked drectly into the eyes of a man in a green military uniform. I didn't see anyone except a Dead Soldier at the time than another.Than a Small Army of Dead Soldiers in Military Uniforms standing in the backround that resembled Men that crawled up from a grave from a graveyard somewhere.Soldiers that look like they we're stalking the living yet me in Church.I'm surrounded from every direction and l think they''re waiting to walk me to my Classroom. I remember raising my head and staring up at a dark cloud overhead. I remember having a real bad feeling that this will be my last Year in Class and my Schoolmates as l know it.God Forgive me,my Classroom

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