Margaret Sparshott


Margaret Sparshott is a retired nurse and midwife who worked for more than twenty years as a neonatal nurse in Greece and Switzerland, and finally in Plymouth, Devon. She has also worked as Assistant Director of Nursing at a hospital in Geneva. Margaret is an internationally acclaimed writer and lecturer on the environmental problems of the sick/preterm baby in hospital. Her book ‘Pain, Distress and the Newborn Baby’ was published by Blackwell Science in 1997. She also contributed to the book ‘Relating to the Relatives: breaking bad news, communication and support’, by Thurstan Brewin with Margaret Sparshott, published in 1996 by Radcliffe Medical Press, particularly with the chapter ‘The Relative as Parent’. In 2008 her latest book ‘A Matter of Identity: A life recalled in poetry’, was published by Stamford House Publishing, Peterborough. In 1991 Margaret was the winner of the Nursing Times/3M National Nursing award for Practice, and in 1998 and the three following years was a guest at the ‘Women of the Year’ Lunch and Assembly at the Savoy Hotel, London. Her interest in the support of bereaved parents of babies who die before, during, or soon after birth has led to her latest book ‘Holy Innocents: grieving for the death of a baby’.

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