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Margaux Sky is a multi-talented author of cookbooks, murder mysteries, children's books, and is a baker/cook and singer/songwriter. She has been on numerous television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Food Network and has been written up in several magazines across the world as well as performed many radio interviews across the world. She lives on the Central Coast of California near Santa Barbara.

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Eight Eats On The Cheap Fabulous French Bread
Series: Eight Eats On The Cheap Fabulous French Bread, Book 1. Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 3,050. Language: English. Published: November 26, 2011. Category: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Gourmet
One outstanding French bread recipe that is transformed into eight different luscious breads. All eight breads are easy to make, taste fabulous, and will instill a life long desire for glorious bread. One recipe - eight variations. Delicious!
Constance Cairn The Battle at Gilden Downs
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 47,770. Language: English. Published: October 23, 2011. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Constance and her brother Gabriel fight grisly forces as they battle their way to save their mother and aunt from the evil Dr. Gilden Downs. Exhaustion, deception, separation, and fear are elements that must be overcome that they triumph the awful challenges before them. With no idea of what nor whom to expect as a nemesis, the children are susceptible to every manner of seemingly dire situations.
Eight Eats On The Cheap Fabulous Chicken
Series: Eight Eats On The Cheap Fabulous French Bread, Book 2. Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 3,200. Language: English. Published: July 30, 2011. Category: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Gourmet
Eight Eats On The Cheap Fabulous Chicken offers eight great easy-to-make chicken recipes that will be enjoyed by your family and friends on a very regular basis.
Pepper, Princess, and Petey - Petey Soars the Wild Blue Yonder
Series: Pepper, Princess, and Petey Pepper's Romp Around Town, Book 2. Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 2,600. Language: English. Published: July 27, 2011. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Fairy tales & fables
This second book in the Pepper, Princess, and Petey children book series finds Petey on an escapade into the wild blue yonder.
Pepper, Princess, and Petey - Pepper's Romp Around Town
Series: Pepper, Princess, and Petey Pepper's Romp Around Town, Book 1. Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 910. Language: English. Published: December 4, 2010. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
(5.00 from 1 review)
Pepper, Princess, and Petey are three very close friends. One day, bored at home, Pepper decides to take a little romp around town when Princess and Petey refuse to play with her. Her day ends with surprises for them all.
Beautiful Dead Bella - A Lana Cloud Murder Mystery
Series: Beautiful Dead Bella A Lana Cloud Murder Mystery, Book 1. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 64,880. Language: English. Published: November 20, 2010. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Humor
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Lana makes it her job to solve the murder of beautiful Bella Reinig, the neighborhood herbalist. The first book in the Lana Cloud murder mystery series, this humorous story set in Chicago finds sixteen-year-old Lana determined to catch the killer. Lana couldn't know that catching a killer could involve unforeseen elements, like many more murders! Anything can happen in this upbeat story and does!

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  • The Unsettled on June 12, 2011

    The Unsettled is a long book. Very long, but oh so worth the read! There are any number of twists occurring and the great thing is with most books you can sense the turns-around-the-corner coming. Not so here, and it is refreshing to be so involved in the story that you are captivated by it and not wondering when the next "punchline"will emerge. Michael Schwaba's truly gifted manner of writing is also refreshing. It is quite natural with a steady rhythm that makes reading engaging and unforced, and yet, at least in this book, kept me on edge nervously turning each page fearful of what was next. The story itself is far too bizarre for expounding, way too bizarre with so many pointed characters, I'm not sure which one to attempt explaining because they are interlocked. Let's say that The Unsettled is a story of......well......obviously, life and death, or is it about death and life? Immortality is for the gods, isn't it? Not according to Schwaba. Is the character Colly a spiritual madwoman trapped in a human body, and is the character Jessica a ghost child eager to enter back into a human world? How will she get back in? Angella? Tin Can Danny? Mackey? Accidents are coincidental, right? That's why they are called accidents. Who would actually plan an accident? Is talking to yourself really innocent rambling or are you not alone in the conversation with yourself? Perhaps you've been instigated into speaking. Your words are being listened to. Your actions are being watched. Your thoughts are provocative and the decision to carry thoughts to action will not go unnoticed.....but by whom? According to the author, the spirit world has ears, big ears! And what they hear will determine vengeance or reward. Strangers may not be strangers after all, so careful. Begin reading this book and I promise you your calm, settled nature will increasingly become unsettled. Not necessarily in an awkward way, but a challenging way. I think that's Schwaba's game: Wringing the mind like water from wet laundry.