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My name is Marian Frederiksen. I was born and raised in Denmark and I am still living my life here with my daughter.
Through my whole life I have been fascinated by other countries and their cultures, and have tried to capture their unique differences and beauty through my drawings,writings and paintings.
Since I was a little girl, I got exposed to different countries and cultures in Europe through travels with my parents. It was only in my adult years that I really came to understand and appreciate the many differences and learning opportunities of each country and their people.
Although I have mostly fond memories of the many travels I did as a child. I also remember the feeling of not understanding and not knowing much about the the different countries we went to.
My parents became lifetime friends with an Italian couple named Pino and Enza and we went to Rome every year to visit them.
As an adult and through my work with children, I have continued to find a lack of travel material for children that would enhance their understanding of the country they would visit or wish to know something about.
10 years ago I wrote and illustrated the Travel Mouse Bernard series.The series was released as paperback and each one about a different country in Europe. The books are now sold out and I have therefore in Denmark released 8 e-books about Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark in Danish and 5 e-books in English about Italy, Greece, Spain, France and Austria.
My goal for the Travel Mouse Bernard stories is to provide an interactive,fun and independent learning opportunity for children about other countries and cultures.
It is my hope that by doing so, we can make the world a better place, by learning to respect and understand the way of cultures that are different than our own. Sincerely Marian Frederiksen, Copenhagen.Denmark

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