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Marian is a sixteen-year old college student. She is taking Bachelor of Arts in History and is planning to get into Law school. She lives alone and misses her air-conditioned room and the feel of physical books, which she all left at home.

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By Marian LOL
Price: Free! Words: 5,260. Language: English. Published: May 9, 2013. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 1 review)
This is a story of life. This is a story of death. This is a story of love and its immortality.
By Marian LOL
Price: Free! Words: 1,300. Language: English. Published: July 28, 2012. Category: Fiction
0.75 star(3.75 from 4 reviews)
A short story of family, friendship, love and being able to fight the worst enemy: yourself.

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  • Fire with Fire (Demonblood Series #2) on July 29, 2012
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    This is another blow by blow review of the second book in the Demonblood series, Fire with Fire by Penelope King. First Few Chapters: Uh-huh. I'm just wondering... where is the friggin' war?! I just thought it would all go haywire from there. But heck, it's still Sappie moments. Next Few Chapters: Oh what the?? Can you please get lost Tristan? What is with Liora being so... human, making goo-goo eyes at this weird stranger? Dude, where did Kieron run off to? He's got to get back here. Now. And man, I really have a bad feeling about this Tristan guy. Sure he's cool and all, but there's something weird about him. (Scars? Ring any bells?) And I'm worried about Tatiana. Please, please don't let her die. *fingerscrossed* Middle Chapters: I knew it! Tristan isn't just a creep. (view spoiler) Loves Liora, my ass. I am biting my nails as I'm waiting for the war(WHERE ARE YOU, WAR?), which I shouldn't, because someone told me it's a sign of being insecure(biting nails, not waiting for war), but whatever. Huh, so much for her plan. Lucky, you idiot. I knew there was something weird about that Gyan insisting he come, but who would've thought he'd do that? Ugh, I am nothing but frustrated at Lucky's stupid stupidity. Nearing the End: What just happened? Can I go strangle Kieron? What in the world was he trying to pull? Oh man, I never would've thought I'd take a liking to Bones but after what that lying treacherous demon Kieron did, I want to kiss Bones. (I am not being a Sappie, just proving a point.) ALMOST to the End: Oh God, why? I know I haven't really liked Bones that much. But even though I'm glad Kieron wasn't a lying treacherous demon, crushed wouldn't even cover what I felt when Bones had gone POOF! into thin air. (Man, what was the deal with that Abbaton guy? Angry much?) Now I'm really sure Tristan is what I thought he is at first. And Tatiana is one cool old lady. I would never have thought she'd be able to do that. Now I'm really crying about Bones. And about Liora/Lucky leaving Tatiana. Talk about being such a Sappie But having Corrine come with them is the best thing about Liora. DONE! The verdict: I didn't like how Lucky is so... stupid and human although I'd be lying if I don't say Liora has had her share of demonness in this book. In a way, it showed sides of both of them that you wouldn't notice in normal circumstances. And then the promise of a war... well, it really disappointed me a bit. I am a person who likes a lot more action after all, so others might not feel like I do. And it's a relief to find that Tatiana didn't die, though I'm thinking it would be equally cool if she did. (I mean, it is a rather good twist, but you should know it's just me being me.) All in all, it didn't quite give me the impression as the first one, but nonetheless, it is a befitting one for a second book. Action building up, allies dying, new probable enemies stirring, the works. The writing is real and plausible, as is the characters' reactions. The plot did the story justice. And I would say it is an interesting read that moves forward. And whoopdeedoo! Talk about having a new life. *winks* This much I could say: What happens now? Who knows? But if lightning struck me if I read the next book, I'll say, Bring it.
  • A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) on July 29, 2012
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    It's the first time I've actually participated in a RI&R so I think I got nervous I couldn't make it to the deadline. But when I started, deadlines and anything related to it faded away. It was all just me and the book. :) This is a blow by blow review of Penelope King's A Demon Made Me Do It . I hope you like it. First Few Chapters: COOL. Definitely interesting. And I get to like Principal Winters instantly. *sigh* If all principals were as caring as that, I wouldn't mind being sent to his office. (Although I should probably maintain my goody-goody attitude some more, just to be on the safe side.) And Tatiana? A witch, blind *foster*-grandmother? Oh wow. Next Few Chapters: Oh man. What is with that guy? I apparently don't like this romance thing going on and if thunder struck Mr. Hot Guy Kieron, (yep. Hot is definitely the word.) I wouldn't mind one bit. Serves him right. For being hot and caring and all that. teehee. Oh and Lucky? Instant COOLNESS overload. She's so demon and undemon at the same time it makes you want her to inhabit Liora's body a lot more. I mean, okay, Liora's great, but you gotta admit Lucky is kick-ass. And the story is too. Totally KICK-ASS. The whole time I was like: Nothing could stop me from reading this. I swear, I drank about twelve to fifteen cups of coffee and some Coke and I'm having too much caffeine on my system, but I barely noticed. And the doughnuts I ate? Take a wild guess. Sugar Rush. Nearing the Middle Chapters now: Oh eff. This is nothing but awesome. Although I did feel kinda weird when Lucky woke up and Kieron was there (see old lunatic guy with a gun) and they acted like it was all normal . And it was anything but. Anyways, it's just what I thought. Totally a biased opinion (the moment being all crazy with old lunatic guy). Now reading the Last Few Chapters: Just a thought (Yes, again.) You're probably tired of my thoughts, but whatever. I like the part about Michael and Kayla and the day Liora and Lucky split . It's so... I don't know, mundane and touching. ( Ha-ha, you're such a Sapie. Lucky would probably say this.) Oh what the?! I've put Bones in my mind as creepy (I mean, DUH, bones? ) and I'm pretty sure I don't like him from the moment I read the part about him. (no pun intended. he's still pretty hot.) But what was about the I'll be waiting.? God, I feel like crying. (Laugh all you want) ALMOST DONE: Is this guy serious? Talk about sacrificial. (referring to Kieron, fyi :>) But heck, I seriously think there's something fishy about this guy. (Or is it just me being paranoid?) DONE (meaning I'm reading the first two chapters of Fire With Fire ) : I know I should probably keep it short but, who cares? I have to express what I feel or I'll explode. I am seriously hooked. I have only one reason why I should probably read this next book. That is: Chapter Two ends in a sentence that is a spider and has caught me in its web. And if there is another thing that attracts me so much other than DEATH? Guess. It's WAR. Because WAR=DEATH. I am so definitely gonna read the second. :> Happy reading to me! (And to you.)