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Maria is an independent writer who enjoys creating romantic stories some of which contain spicy, steamy content.

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Smashwords book reviews by My Writing Den

  • Submit To Your Fantasies on Oct. 03, 2012

    Overall I enjoyed the book. You have a knack for sensuality, you’re also quite imaginative. Sometimes the conversation ‘head hopping’ had me confused, but overall it’s a decent read. Keep up the good work!
  • Red Letters on Jan. 08, 2013

    Tania and Martin are engaged and live together. Martin is a workaholic and his relentless ‘climb up the ladder’ crusade makes Tania feels neglected and abandoned. One day something unexpected happens. Tania starts receiving anonymous letters and erotic gifts. Now Tania feels wanted and desired and she soon begins to wonder who the sender is. When she meets her man will he turn out to be everything she dreamed of? The book is an erotic suspense thriller with an intriguing plot. The story is slow in the beginning, but soon as the Red Letters are introduced into the mix the story line picks up. I enjoyed the steamy love scenes and the twists and turns. Great job Krystina!
  • Curious Jim on Feb. 02, 2013

    Funny short story and I giggled several times throughout. What I didn't understand was why Jim was the only one speaking slang? I'm thinking if not Harry at least the friends should have been, he, he. I look forward to reading longer pieces with a little less slang :)
  • Caged View (An Urban Fantasy Collection of Short Stories) (Habitat .5 Series) on Feb. 27, 2013

    "Caged View" contains four stories that set in the Santeria habitat/culture. This is a creative paranormal read. I’ve been reading supernatural/paranormal books for only two years and though it is not my preferred genre I do enjoy reading a book in the subject from time to time. "Caged View" is my first Kenya Wright's book and good introduction at that. The stories in the book move at a fast pace and keep the reader’s interest. The characters and the dialogue are engaging from the first few pages. The story is written well. I enjoy reading works from a fresh new voice and this is one of them.