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  • Thought Forms on Nov. 20, 2010

    The material here relates to the subject of Mercury and the theory of thought forms, presented from four different points of view: astrological, psychological, metaphysical, and magical. This book is deep. It is not a page-turning skimmer, but must be read while engaging your mind. How refreshing! Chapter one explains that Mercury is the astrological symbol for mind, which reflects our attitudes and which forms our thinking patterns and affects our decision-making choices. The six marking points and the six phase-types of Mercury's synodic cycle – its cycle around the sun as seen from the earth – reveal the different ways we have of establishing our rationale toward out decision-making process; of forming our individual logic, assumption patterns, and self-justifications. The book explains "why people think they are doing the right thing and making the right choices." Bob breaks the cycle down into six phases and into double pairs of conjunctions, elongations, and stations. These are then explained fully as to their development and effect on current decision-making processes. There is a full and detailed synodic cycle table at the end of the book (to easily look up any Mercury phase for any birthday from 1900 to 2050, so you can see at a glance which of Bob's descriptions apply to you and to the people you know). There are also appendices which explain how to use the tables to predict future events in your (and other people's lives) by observing the astrological progressions and current transits of Mercury. In the second chapter he shows that our reality consists of sensory and conceptual thought forms which are conditioned by the society we live in. Our society trains us to focus upon a "self" by constant moment-to-moment thinking. The content of this internal dialogue consists of thoughts about the future, and thoughts about the past. Thoughts about the future seek glory in the eyes of other people (they scheme and manipulate; and daydream fantasies of control, riches, sex, or romance). Thoughts about the past invoke in us feelings of shame: self-hatred of our looks, our actions, our feelings. Our society has us believe – and manipulates us through this belief – that we are separated, individual "selves" by involving our attention in an endless loop of seeking glory from other people and hiding shame from them. Bob's sense of humor shines through this very intimate but direct layer of the personal denial experiences which all of us have, but would never mention openly to anyone. The third chapter deals with our dream mind, and how it operates to open up our future prospects and our true feelings – how we create our own realities, and what we can do to choose the probable reality which – the future – will bring us what our true feelings desire. This means tuning out society's static of what it considers desirable for us, and instead listening to our heart's message of what we truly desire for ourselves in this lifetime. In Chapter four Bob explains how to manipulate thought forms to our advantage by using magical techniques such as banishing thought forms, casting out demons, and ejecting black magicians from our lives. The basic techniques are based on Active Imagination, a technique originated by Carl Jung, which involves interacting with our own thought forms by automatic writing or direct channeling. We free ourselves of evil influences by willing them away. And we can free ourselves of karmic ties with negative, oppressive, and energy-depleting people by pulling their lines out of our bodies and hurling the lines to the ground. This book has been difficult to review from a synopsis point of view because the material is deep, rich, and encapsulating. It's worth having this book on your shelf as a reference just for the astrological interpretations alone; but there is a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics which will engage your thinking, whether you agree with it all or not. If you think you have heard it all regarding the female sexual role, macho male dominance, or homosexual stereotyping, read this book to open your mind to another connection. I will fully agree with the statement on the back cover that "you've never read a book like this before." The material is fresh and woven very skillfully to conclusion. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to his next installment of the trilogy.