Jane Meadows, M.S.


Lecturer for Identity Theft, and Consultant for Medical, School and Business ID Theft.

Author- The ABC's of Data Security: Is YOUR School Failing.
Author- ID Theft: First Line of Defense (dvd).
Author- Bullying: The Play.

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist
Registered Private Investigator
Certified School Counselor/Teacher

M.S. Old Dominion University-Norfolk, VA
B.S. Auburn University-Auburn, AL

+ Post Graduate Studies
University of West Alabama
Mississippi State University

Background includes School Counselor, Teacher, Medical Business Owner and Sales.

Smashwords Interview

What makes you an Expert in Identity Theft?
I am a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, a Registered Private Investigator, Published on the Federal Trade Commission’s website under :" How ID Theft Occurs", and have done public speaking on Identity Theft since 2006. My consultant business was first initiated due to having experienced the Worst ID Theft in the USA as a medical business owner and having experienced id theft personally. I started a consultant business under the name Medical Record Theft Consultants, Inc. but it has grown to include businesses, and schools since all three are ranked in the top three areas in the USA for Identity Theft. I am available to do workshops for medical groups, schools and other businesses.
My background as a Certified School Teacher and School Counselor has made it possible to look deep into the school setting to find areas that need drastic change in data and physical security. Schools have made drastic advances in physical security but are lacking in record keeping and data information security. There is much work to be done. Schools across the nation are starting to report ID Thefts but they may be amiss in thinking it is only due to computer hackers.
My DVD, ID Theft: First Line of Defense (DVD) is excellent in reenacting a step by step video performance that shows you flaws along with the correct measures to help prevent identity thefts. This is great for both individuals and businesses.
Why would your information on Identity Theft help me and my children?
If you want to protect your children's information in the records it in the filing cabinets it's imperative that you learn more then just the little bit that you were givento view and you certainly are not aware of the many avenues thieves can go to to obtain your children's information as well as your own information. There are others trying to copy what I'm saying buti'm the real deal.. You are not provided enough information to be adequately informed of Data breaches.
Not only am I a certified identity theft risk management specialist, trained as a private investigator a certified School counselor but I am a victim.
I would be very hesitant to say that you could find anyone with as much experience in this area as myself.
are you aware that some schools leave their doors to the records rooms and filing cabinets unlocked? This is where your child's social security information and parent's information is stored. In some cases, you might find credit card information for private institutions. Do you want thieves to know where you live? That information is in the records too. Picture this: your information is stolen and in that information is your telephone number, your address and more. How would you feel having that information in the hands of thieves and predators while you are at work and your child is home alone! Think about the importance of school data safety and security now. This is a very serious and school data and permanent and temporary records must have better controls!
Read and find out what to do if you and your child are at risk of lax security! You can make a Difference!
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The ABC's of Data Security: Is YOUR School Failing?
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 7,180. Language: English. Published: August 29, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Education & Study Guides » Educational policy & reform / school safety, Nonfiction » Education & Study Guides » Educational policy & reform / charter schools
Finally, a close-up look that examines weak school policies in protecting your child's permanent/temporary records & data from id theft, bullying and social network trauma. Your child's + your info may be stolen if measures are put in place for school data security. Schools rank #3 in all id thefts. How vulnerable is your child's info to thefts,bullying,social network? Verify with a checklist!

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