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  • Run (Book One, The Hunted) on Oct. 07, 2011

    BEWARE: this is the first book in the trilogy, and as such, the book does not answer a lot of questions at the end. Background: Reid, a sixteen year old boy, wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself …in a moving van. He does not remember much from the night before. All he knows is that one moment he goes to sleep at his sister’s new house, and the next - he is in a van, kidnapped. His situation is getting worse by the second. Reid is dropped off in the middle of the woods and left alone. But what seems like possible freedom is, in fact, a cruel game where the rules are simple: run or be killed. Hunters, supernatural cannibalistic creatures, prowl the darkness of the woods, hunting down, killing (and eating) children just like Reid. To survive this hunt, Reid must run, fight, hide and hope that he will outsmart and outrun the creatures. What I liked: 1. Run Reid run. The action is intense. The pace is amazing. The title of the book is RUN and believe me, you will run along with Reid. All the way to the last page. My advice: read it when you have a long evening with no plans ahead of you because you will not want to do anything else but read. 2. Twists and turns. Don’t make a mistake thinking that you know where the plot is going. You will be disappointed at yourself. It is a high voltage read, so don’t guess, don’t predict just run read. 3. Reid. I love how fast (almost instantaneously) Reid switches into a survival mode and fights for his life with the wisdom of a grown up. Anyone would definitely feel safe with Reid, a sixteen year old! What I am not thrilled about: 1. Hunger Games reminiscences. RUN’s setting (children are forced to play a cruel game of survival) reminds me of Hunger Games. Was RUN inspired by Hunger Games? I don’t know. But I definitely get the feeling that it could have been, and because of that, I wish the plot would be a little bit more original. 2. Female Characters. Along his run, Reid meets other children, who are, just like him, also being hunted. He makes friends and enemies. He also meets girls. I was a little hopeful for some romance (I am a sucker for that) but there is none. Understandably, when your life is in danger, the last thing on your mind is romancing another survivor. I am totally okay with it! However, I am slightly disappointed with the female characters because not enough credit is given to the girls. Even though some of the girls manage to survive in the woods on their own for days, they come across much weaker than boys. Conclusion: RUN is a very entertaining read. Appropriateness: It is a young adult thriller but might be not appropriate for children under 16. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.