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  • The Secret of the Century on May 01, 2012

    Better than Stephen King's 11/22/63. Five stars. I am somewhat new to the Kennedy assassination literature, but being a fiction reader, wanted to avoid the seemingly endless non-fiction tomes associated with it while still getting a historical background. I was looking for something with a heartbeat which is why I purchased Stephen King's book which I thought was very good, if a bit too long and a bit too pricey. After reading the King book, I wanted to get a little more perspective and stumbled upon this book and wow, talk about something with a heartbeat! I thought the original premise was fantastic (somebody actually witnessing the killer as he shoots Kennedy) and the story sucked me right in and kept me riveted till the end - couldn't put it down, thank god I wasn't working that day. Bottom Line, I thought this book was a better book than the King book, more engrossing, a heck of a lot shorter and a heck of a lot cheaper, and still providing a good historical background to the assassination. Highly recommended