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Mark Aspa has always been fascinated by the transforming power of the spirituality that dwells within each of us. A life changing encounter with the Divine at 18 convinced him that through self-training he can reach an inner world that is so full of peace and love as to be beyond description.
He has entered this inner dimension thousands of times and found it constantly healing and affirming. It never changes despite stress, trauma or even lack of faith. It is simply who we are: the Self, Soul, God’s Presence in us, Divine Consciousness.
He has been most blessed to have a fully Divine Teacher, Sathya Sai Baba, who still keeps him close and guides him. He credits his Divine Teacher with bringing him through confusion and problems. He has been sustained by his love over the years, and Mark has received healing and initiation in the Truth. He is open to all spiritual paths and has frequented the temples and read texts from all the religions such as the Bible, Koran, Dhammapada, Zend Avesta, the Vedas and many more.
He believes that we can develop ourselves through all means, not just the so-called spiritual, including suffering - if only our heart and mind are open and we can trust ourselves to move to the next step.
He worked as a trained psychiatric nurse for six years in the UK until 2000. Then lived in India for ten years, where he worked voluntarily for six years in the media department of a large ashram and also assisted at a children's and old people’s home.
In India he met many holy men, visited many ashrams and spent many hours in blissful meditation and study of the scriptures. It was a time of great spiritual development and service for him. He also met his ex-wife in that country, and their daughter was born there. He now lives in Berlin where he works in psychiatry. When he has the time, he enjoys singing, writing and playing tennis.

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