Mark Brown


I started trying to write my stories since I was twelve years old, all science fiction in nature, which had become and still is my favorite genre in the movies and the written word. I love the phrase, “what if?” and speculating on the many mysteries and phenomenon that still haunt mankind.

I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I loved my English and Literature courses, and I had more than one Professor encourage me to write. But lacking the courage to submit my stories they grew dust, both in the physical form and digitally.

At the age of forty-nine I sold everything bought a travel trailer and moved to Moab, Utah where I spend my time Camp Hosting for the BLM, and various other jobs, allowing me to write nearly full time.

But on a whim I submitted one of my stories “The Fourth Age”, and it was accepted, to my great surprise. Encouraged, I quickly dusted off my other short stories and outlines, and “Dead Awake” followed by “The Fourth Age II: In Search of Esther” was published.

During my latest winter layoff I wrote the three stories I’ve decided to publish digitally; “The Reunion Part I: Revelations”, and Part II: Fire and Ice”, and “When Worlds Collide”. I am now working on the third “Reunion” sequel as well as “The Reaping” and “Fourteen Days Later”.

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