Mark Crawford


Mark Crawford is a lifer convict. Convict #76603-079 He is currently serving out that life sentence in federal prison. The first 10 years in USP Florence in Colorado which at the time was the most violent prison in the federal system. During those long continuous years at USP Florence Mark found within himself the need to search out the reason for his own present position in life. How could he have fallen from the status of “self made millionaire” to a “lifer convict”? After years of soul searching he at last found his answer and subsequent peace that comes with personal acceptance and personal accountability. A program he calls “the right thinking process”. With his new found ability to reason, he looked around himself at the other convicts who shared his own fate and in an effort to reach out to them and enlighten them to the power of “right thinking” he wrote this book…”As a Convict Thinketh” which he happily shares here free of charge to any and all prisoners or family members of prisoners who are themselves struggling with the question...why me?

On the 9th of every month starting in Aug 2011 we will be posting new material from Mark’s endless writings. Next will be “The Miscellaneous Thoughts of a Madman”…excerpts from Mark’s personal journal. You think you know about prison? I hardly think so. Read about it first hand, straight from the horse’s mouth..

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