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  • Speaking With Power, Poise & Ease on Sep. 23, 2012

    "You already possess the skills and style you need for speaking. They are innate." Reading writing on speaking? Susan and Elaine Partnow's book "Speaking With Power, Poise & Ease" might as well be on 'how to live' with the practicality (see Chapter 2 for Controlling the Body)and knowing nurturance. Hey! It's dedicated to their parents! Where it really got me was when I 'heard' "A BOOK FOR WOMEN. . . Why do women need their own book on effective speaking? How we speak is intimately connected with issues of gender and power." This reviewer speaks from experience as in the 70s' when my life depended on it I found it nearly insurmountable in a self-help group to speak publicly! The authors maintain "All Speaking Is Public Speaking" but they do substantiate that ". . . women's style of speaking as relationship-oriented. Women engage in rapport talk: . . ." by generously bringing into this discussion contemporary linguists Deborah Tannenn and Robin Lakoff. Partnow asserts "Think of a time when you talked about a concept you understood thoroughly and believed in passionately while in a comfortable and supportive setting with a responsive listener. . . . My message to you is that those same speaking talents are available to you in every situation." I absolutely will!