Mar Preston


I grew up in northern Ontario and love its lakes and forests. I'm still a Canadian citizen, though I've lived in California a long time. California winters are just too seductive.
Unusual jobs? Oh, the usual: picked grapes in the Beaujolais fields and daffodils in Eureka, California, where I also sold Fuller Brush door to door, cleaned motel rooms, cracked crab and filleted fish. All when I was young and dumb, and in love--and these were the only jobs available.

I spent the next thirty years in Santa Monica studying at UCLA, and then working as a researcher at the University of Southern California, where I received an MFA in creative writing. I have some stories and poems published in long-forgotten literary magazines. Some current ones pending with ezines.

All along I was writing and playing the what if game. What if that man who just walked past me leading two Chihuahuas fell to the ground with a bullet wound in his temple? What if that red-haired woman over there got on the next bus and simply disappeared? The brain never shuts off.

I've been a habitual do gooder, and volunteer, on many grass roots campaigns and elections. Most compelling of all was volunteering during Santa Monica’s rent control and living wage wars. Training as a community organizer changed my life.

Getting a good murder mystery novel out of what goes on behind the scenes in grassroots politics, glitzy businesses, and developer skullduggery makes all those dreary city council meetings worthwhile.

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