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  • My Poetic Heart on Jan. 11, 2012
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    There is a sincerity in these poems. Some are good. A focus on context, rhyme and rhythm can lend this book to artful songwriting. The poet will need to watch imagery and how it unfolds. Forced rhyme or rhythm is unappealling. Although there is content it needs to be crafted into strict lines and verses that compell the reader to stay on a 'reading and understanding' journey. Good attempt.Keep working on sunstance. It will pay off inthe end.
  • Poetic Embrace on Jan. 11, 2012
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    Poetic Embrace is so much better than My Poetic Heart. The poet has captured turmoil and pain, suffering and longing, expectation and joy and all of the other emotions in-between. There is evidence of the poetic craft at work here. Some more tightening of structure is required as a bit more polishing and re-drafting will produce a gem of great clarity. Please keep writing. You have a rough cut diamond in your lap-it is up to you to grind it to a glossy finish and twinkle! Good. Keep working. Marshall
  • Poetically Kissed on Jan. 11, 2012
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    Too similar to previous poems. Same substance, same longing and lust. The same recipe really. Spread out and explore a bit before you put the words downn on paper. You do have an idea which needs to captivate you first before it gets somebody else to react. Keep trying. Change makes everything different or does it? Marshall