Marshal Myers


Marshal Myers has a passion for combining adventure and fantasy with subtle doses of heroic virtue and human character. His desire for writing fantasy fiction emerged during his early high school years after getting a healthy dose of sword and sandal movies and books. That, coupled with his desire to encourage and motivate those with a similar desire for fantasy, fiction and sword play, enables him to create new worlds of adventure and action with characters that appeal to the best characteristics in his readers. Marshal strives to pull the reader into the story to experience all the action and adventure. It is also a means for him to become the mighty warrior that lives deep within his own heart.

Marshal was born with cerebral palsy and has used a wheel chair for mobility his whole life. He was home-schooled through most of his education, but finished his high school years at Roswell High School in Georgia. His writing is made possible by "Dragon Naturally Speaking" voice recognition software coupled with his vivid imagination and creativity. His father bought him his first sword when he was 14, something his mother initially considered a mistake, but now considers a fortunate motivator. His sword and armor collection now fills his room and may soon spill over into his sister's old room. The expanding collection is the attraction for nearly every visitor to the family home. It is truly a warrior's room!

Niki, Marshal's assist dog, accompanies him most everywhere and helps him by opening and closing doors in the home and retrieving dropped items. However, if that dropped item happens to be food, it does not seem to make it back to Marshal. Niki adores Marshal and sticks close to him at all times. He is her protector and she is his as well. She is a dedicated companion and friend provided by the outstanding organization, Canine Assistants in Alpharetta, GA.


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