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  • RealmShift on Jan. 13, 2009

    The drive to explore our spirituality is an essential function of the human condition and Alan Baxter's RealmShift indulges as a unique and thought provoking novel, converging on philosophy and popular mythology. Being well and truly grounded in dark fantasy, Alan isn't squeemish when it comes to the details. It is a bloody and brutal story which can be interpreted as a commentary of the individual coming to terms with their spirituality. Isiah, the angelic protagonist in the story, is the vessel for this transformation. As a powerful agent of 'The Balance', which is the conscious nature of the Universe, Isiah is confronted with a kind of 'macro-morality' as he polices the world and its cadre of colorful and familiar Gods. As Isiah conducts his duty his interactions with mortals, angels, gods, vampires and satanic wizards weave a fast paced story braced with stylish settings and action fueled by Alan's own mastery of the martial arts. Alan's emerging writing style in RealmShift is poignant and atmospheric, developing the vague sensation that one is reading about an action movie they watched only a few months ago. Having engaged the reader on multiple levels, RealmShift is able to conclude with a convincing finale, testing the reader's loyalties to the novel's characters and leaving them with a satisfying itch for a sequel, which conveniently exists. Alan carries on the tradition brilliantly in MageSign.