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  • Ballsack on May 06, 2011
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    As described, this story is written through the eyes of an immature teen, one obsessed with 'ballsacks'. When I began reading, the constant use of the word 'ballsack' became a little tiresome. After I'd overcame this obstacle, I settled in to read the story. The girl's attempts to steal a glimpse of some nude males was faintly amusing, but the ending is farcical and rushed. This story may amuse an immature teen, but this story did not titillate me.
  • The Eyes that See - A Prelude to the Balancer Chronicles on May 30, 2011

    A short book that introduces the idea of 'balancers'- creatures that exist to prevent the discovery of mythological beings such as sirens and vampires. The book is a perfect prequel; it whets the appetite and makes me believe that the Balancer Chronicles will be a pretty good read. However, in such a short text is was difficult to gain much insight and depth of the characters. I assume this is to be addressed in the full length novel, as Chris Adonn can clearly write well and has a good eye for a tale
  • Isle of Stumps on July 17, 2011

    Isle of Stumps is a collection of short stories. The title come from the first story where a man is cast adrift at sea after failing a initiation rite in some fantasy land, He ends up as a castaway on an island. The locals shun him as he was not mutilated at birth as they have been. I liked this story as it is a parody of the way societies divide along religious and ethnic lines, depite being the same species! I didn't like the way that the ending was suddenly thrust under my nose- it felt like I was being rushed. The ending requires explanation. The middle story is about how men crack under the pressure of military training and will do anything to subvert the system. The men will go to ridiculous lengths just to get a sugar fix! This story is okay, I felt fairly ambivalent towards it. The writing is good enough, I just didn't feel moved by it and wasn't especially bothered what happened. The third story concerns an invasion of robotic spiders. The writing flips between the mind of the beings controlling the robots and those of the humans dealing with 'spiders' in their house. My opinion of this story is much the same as the last one. Bryan Dennis can certainly write well enough, I just feel the plots need a twist or better character development.