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  • The Water Thief on June 24, 2012

    This is not a fun easy beach read but if I had my way, it would be on every high school required reading list. A futuristic, dystopian society, where all is valued according to its value, real or perceived to the corporation, The Water Thief carries within it the warning of the seeds that we Americans are sowing for our future generations. This is fiction that could easily become reality if we, the individuals, do not make the effort to change the seeds being sown. In its own way, it carries the same type of terrible truth that George Orwell foresaw in the classic 1984. Read this book and then think about it - deeply, frequently and with your mind and eyes wide open. Consider the economic crisis of the past several years where we have had to bail out corporations who had made many, many terrifying deals, only on paper that left people without homes, transportation or employment. The corporate executives were all fine and lost very little, but the poor, undereducated, stupid people got the devastating losses they deserved. Read this book and weep or read this book and change.