Marvin Maha


MAHA A. MARVIN, is a novelist, science fiction writer, entrepreneur and Economist.
A leading expert in personal branding and the CEO of B.G.R Network, Africa. He has written over 15 publications for major E-zines and various online resources.
He is also establishing an online social network aimed at bringing together writers' from all over the world,, creating a new platform for writers to share and improve their work.
His works include Bdellium, The Vile, Drimweaver and The Realm Undertow. Influenced by his love for the Art of science fiction and literature, Maha hopes to make an indelible contribution to other great works of literature in the likes of Chinua Achebe's - Things Fall Apart and Wole Soyinka's - Lion and the Jewel.


This member has not published any books.