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Mary Elizabeth Fricke has lived her entire life within five miles of the Missouri River. She and her husband of 36 years have lived 34 of those years on a cattle and grain farm that has been consistently owned and operated by his family for five generations. They have two grown sons married to wonderful girls and two beautiful grandchildren.

A graduate of the Writer's Institute of America and a member of the Heartland Writers Guild, she has published a number of articles in various forums and magazines, as well as Dino, Godzilla and the Pigs (published by SoHo Press in 1993) the story of life as a young wife learning to work on the farm while raising two sons. She served as editor of the Heartland Journal (monthly newsletter of the Heartland Writers Guild) from 2004 thru 2015 and she is also a prolific ghostwriter.

Her stories, based in rural mid-western areas, concern the unique but quickly vanishing way of life on the family farm as well as other mysterious intricacies that evolve life from generation to generation.

Previously published in this Birds in Peril Series:
Pigeon in a Snare (Lisa’s story) published in 2014
Roses for the Sparrow (Jani’s story)published in 2014
Plight of the Wren is Susie’s story published in 2015
Robin Unaware is Stephanie’s story published in 2016

The Sweet Pea Trilogy published in 2017:
Demise of Innocence (Sweet Pea I)
Time to Deceive (Sweet Pea II)
The Price of Passion (Sweet Pea III)

All of Mary's books are enrolled in Kindle Select. At this time are not available in paperback print

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Smashwords book reviews by Mary Elizabeth Fricke

  • Yukon Tenderfoot on Sep. 22, 2013

    What an adventurous read! Just the image of four hoity-toity congressmen being the only survivors of an airplane crash in the middle of the Yukon Wilderness is hysterical enough…and not necessarily on humorous venues. But, these guys experience it all….and in ways you cannot imagine until you read and discover, with them, yourself. There are moments of pure ignorance when you just want to roll your eyes; moments that make you want to applaud and moments that will reduce you to tears. Yukon Tenderfoot is not without its mystery or its own brand of intrigue. From the crash on you cannot help but wonder 'will they survive?' Will they appreciate what they learn along the way? Fred Hernandez captures the Yukon and its inhabitants with remarkable accuracy and his characters with memorable spirit.
  • Phantom Riders MC - Hawk on Aug. 14, 2018

    What a riveting action-packed story! One has to wonder how Ms. Richards discovered such knowledge about the private lives of motorcycle club members with all the other erotic details added in! Ms. Richards has a knack for arranging the primal nuances of sex into a riveting story that ends with quite a shock but will satisfy the readers. I wasn’t able to put this book down until I’d read to the very end. I understand there is more in this MC series and cannot wait to read them.