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Mary Stock got started in the health field at the early age of seven while growing up on a farm near Syracuse, in Central New York. It was there where she learned how delicious good, natural food was. She and her family ate the fruits of the land like roast chicken with crackling skin and tiny, wild strawberries mashed in their juice and enveloped by the thick yellow cream of a strawberry mousse. They even made their own butter, cottage cheese and soap.

It was her mother, a ‘health nut’ before her time, who first introduced Mary to the nutritional and medicinal aspects of food, plying Mary with blackstrap molasses, wheat germ and (ugh!) mint-flavored cod liver oil. From that early beginning, Mary has cured most of her own ills throughout her life without a doctor’s aid.

The memories of the taste of good food and the glowing health she enjoyed then were to stay with Mary along the circuitous route she took through life, finally landing back where she started—at those same natural-health values of her childhood.

In New York City after college, she experienced diet after diet after diet. Over 20 years of dieting. During that time, she learned even the smallest details of what works and what doesn’t. Her last diet never happened. It was in 2003. She was 60 pounds overweight and reached a point of no return. Over the 30 years, she had lost hundreds of pounds, and they had always come back. She absolutely refused to go on another diet. Yet, losing the weight was a must.

It was at this point that her life took a precipitous turn. Not knowing how she could possibly lose the weight, she gradually devised a method based on the ways of eating she had experienced on the farm. It is based on Nature and on the eating method that kept her slim with no dieting while growing up.

Mary has not dieted since before her first non-diet in 2003. She fluctuates naturally within two to four pounds of her ideal weight. Gorging is something she knew when she dieted. Now, she can’t remember the last time she gorged. She’s sure it was, though, before 2003. This is all a result of using the natural rules she adheres to. It makes it easy to stay slim by allowing the natural mechanisms your body has to regulate your food behavior.

Mary has spent 30 years studying nutrition, as well, during this time. For most of those years, she taught herself based on the writings of Adelle Davis, the leading American nutritionist, whose influence remains great. She also took post-graduate studies in the early 2000s at Hunter College in nutrition and the history of food in America So, she is both self-taught and educated at university in this field.

Mary has had careers in publishing and television news in New York, as well as acting, both in the London fringe theatre and New York’s Off-Off Broadway. She has also been a real estate broker in Manhattan and is the owner of Stock Properties. She lives in New York and looks forward to one day having an organic farm where student farmers learn organic farming methods and the food is exquisitely delicious.

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