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Smashwords book reviews by Long Island Reader

  • Time Looped on May 11, 2018

    I really enjoyed reading this, and wish that the story would be continued. A well thought out time travel story, with eros.
  • My Aunt Ellen on Nov. 05, 2018

    This is quite the sexy book, and well written too. Every college freshman should have an Aunt Ellen!
  • Time Traveling Lover on Nov. 20, 2018

    Well written and quite erotic short story about a man from the future who meets a 30 year old woman in a bar, and what happens from there. I'm not giving away any spoilers, but will say I really enjoyed this story. It is well thought out and written, and reeled in my interest right from the beginning. I will read more from this author.
  • Feeding the Succubus on Nov. 20, 2018

    A very spooky and sexy Halloween story. If you like succubus stories (as I do) you will very much enjoy this one. It is well written and has a surprise ending which I am not going to reveal. Enjoy!
  • Bred by the Minotaur on Nov. 20, 2018

    Nice take on the Minotaur myth. Facing certain death as a sacrifice sent by the Athenians, young Althaia turns out to be one resourceful young lady. Sexy and fun to read, the story is well written and structured. Read and enjoy!
  • Siblings on a Train on July 16, 2019

    Very erotic and quite well done story of a 19th century couple who board a train in Philadelphia as brother and sister and get off in St Louis as a married couple. In some ways, life was simpler before computers. With HEA.
  • Motel Mix-Up Field Trip on July 25, 2019

    The plot reminds me of "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy." Two teachers (Erick and Savannah) are on a field trip with two 18 year old High School Seniors (Veronica and Chandler) when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they have to seek out a motel to stay the night until their van can be repaired. Both teachers and seniors are planning to pair up, but well, it's really dark, and in sneaking between rooms, well, mistakes are made. This is a fun read.
  • Overseeded: A Hotwife Breeding Story on Dec. 30, 2019

    This is a beautifully written story, full of erotic tension, about the relationship between a wealthy man and a younger woman who becomes his new wife. A wife who wants a baby. And their 19 year old college student landscaper. Along the way, you get some useful lessons on how to go about creating a thriving lush lawn on subdivided Illinois hardscrabble prairie soil, written by someone who sounds like they know of what they speak. It makes for an interesting metaphor. Hot writing, ultimately quite exciting and romantic, with an HEA that really works for all concerned.
  • Mom's Sex Ed Surprise on March 02, 2020

    Brian Marshall has a mother who is probably the coolest mother in the history of mothers. Improbable, yes certainly this entire story is wildly improbable, and probably not what they had in mind when they came up with the concept of home schooling. Having said that, this story is one incredibly hot read..
  • Tales Of My Slutty Sister on April 19, 2020

    Just lovely. Very well written story of what happens when a big sister discovers her brothers writings online. There is a subtle but dramatic change in the relationship as the story progresses. I loved it, it couldn't have been told better.
  • Sis, Is That You? on April 19, 2020

    Well written and incredibly hot story of two siblings who meet online without knowing who the other was. Simply a great story, and romantic as well as erotic.
  • Spellbound For Incest on April 25, 2020

    This book reminded me of a taboo version of a Stephen King novel. It has a plot that draws you right into the story, full of detail and intrigue. It could use some editing and proof reading, mostly for grammatical mistakes. Other than that, this is really a first rate novel, beautifully told and well crafted.
  • Nudity Is For The Birds on April 27, 2020

    "Nudity Is For The Birds" by Kethandra Wilde was one of the best stories I had read on Literotica. Well, it's no longer available for free on Lit, but you can buy it here on Smashwords. It's worth the price. The 2016 winner of the Nude Day competition on Lit, this story is for you if you appreciate intelligence, are a romantic, love bird watching or most especially have an appreciation for puns. What can I say, I love this story, and think you will too.
  • Cherry Pie - Sister Makes Three (Book 1 of "PotErotica") on April 27, 2020

    A well written and fun story of a young man whose college age younger sister has a sleeepover with two of her friends. A wonderful time is had by all. This is some hot reading, the skill with which it is crafted is a joy to read.
  • Incontheivable: Paperback Love on April 28, 2020

    This is a beautifully written and wildly funny erotic love story. It combines a love of puns, birding, erotic loving dominance, the world of Gor and the "Princess Bride" in a delightful concoction that leaves me wanting more. I just wuv the writing of Kethandra Wilde.
  • Be Our Uncle on April 29, 2020

    This is a well written and quite erotic story. Technically not really taboo, it is well worth the read, particularly if you like puns.
  • Hot Tub MILF Machine: Mother-Son Erotica on April 29, 2020

    Scorching hot and well written taboo tale of a young man, his swim coach mother, and possibly supernatural hot tub. An excellent read.
  • That's What Friends Are For on April 29, 2020

    A young man discovers that his best friend is really what he had been looking for all along. Romantic, hot and well written.
  • Molten Man on June 26, 2020

    This is a short but incredibly hot paranormal story by Riley Blackstone. What an incredible dress! Well written and worth the read.
  • Strip Poker on June 26, 2020

    Short and quite hot. Quite the fun poker game.
  • Halloween Hookup on June 26, 2020

    A short but quite erotic story of a young co-ed at a fraternity Halloween party who makes a new friend thanks to modern technology. Sexy as all get-out.
  • Sweet Cherry Pie on June 26, 2020

    There is nothing in the world as hot as some sweet cherry pie.
  • St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans on June 26, 2020

    This is how to enjoy a week in New Orleans for the St. Patrick’s Day parade festivities, at least before anybody was aware of COVID-19. Quite hot, and very, very sexy.
  • The World's Ultimate Erotic Massage: Eight Hours of Ecstasy on June 30, 2020

    What an amazingly erotic book! Very well written, it tells the story of an amazing eight hour experience by an American in Japan. If this wasn't a once in a lifetime erotic experience by the author, then all I can say is he has one heck of a vivid imagination. I initially had my doubts about springing for the full retail price I paid for it. I'm very glad I did, this book is that good.
  • The Gods are Horny on Sep. 03, 2020

    I don't think that the Moronite faith is covered in most comparative religion courses. That's an unfortunate mistake, which is fortunately rectified in Lauren Milfinger's 'The Gods are Horny'. The author has an active imagination, but probably no more so than the authors of many of our planet's more mainstream religions. This is a clever, tongue in cheek (and elsewhere) story of the creation of the universe. The Moronites were a very advanced and liberated culture, and the world is the lesser for their loss. Except of course for the immortal Sarah, from whom I am looking to hear more.
  • Across the Pond on Sep. 30, 2020

    A good continuation to the author's "Life of Lauren" autobiography. Following her freshman year at Brown, she goes across the Atlantic to spend the summer visiting her two cousins, aunt and uncle in England. They become much, much better acquainted. Hotly written, this is worth the read after you've read "Life of Lauren."
  • They All Cum at Carlisle's on Oct. 01, 2020

    In Casablanca, they said, "Everybody comes to Ricks." Well in this decidedly un-Trumpian 1995 slice of Ohio, "They All Cum at Carlisle's." And indeed they did, at least that summer at Carlisle's Nature Resort. A continuation of the author's autobiography, begun with "The Life of Lauren" and continuing with "Across the Pond" this is a delightful and idyllic way to spend an extended summer vacation. I very much enjoyed it from beginning to end. Well written, told mostly in the first person by the author, but also including some stories by characters as set down in a creative writing class taught by the author to other guests at the resort. What an amazing place Carlisle's must have been. This is a fun read.
  • Chosen By The Prince on Oct. 05, 2020

    This is an erotic and well written fairy tale. It's a variant on the Cinderella story, but with enough differences to make it worthwhile reading. I very much enjoyed it
  • His Horny MILF Babysitter on Oct. 24, 2020

    His Horny MILF Babysitter is a story that is way better than its title. To start with, the MILF in question begins the story as a fifteen year old girl looking to earn some extra money to buy designer jeans. She makes an impression on a nine year old boy by teaching him some good Wiffle ball moves. The story takes place over the next 12 years, with some flashbacks. It's a romance that really works, and by the end the 6 year age difference between them means nothing. I loved reading this.
  • Close Encounters Of The Erotic Kind on Oct. 26, 2020

    This is a review of Space Girls Are Easy, one of the stories in this Anthology. Space girls can be easy, given the proper Earthling. This is a well written and beautifully told story of a romance between a female alien (but human) space scout and the male school teacher she encounters one night out in a rural area of Illinois. It's a really good story, full of background details, emotions and ultimately some pretty hot erotica. .Nicely done.
  • The MILF Files (Volume 2 of "The MILF Files") on Oct. 26, 2020

    This is a review of "His Horny MILF Babysitter!" one of the stories included in this anthology. His Horny MILF Babysitter is a story that is way better than its title. To start with, the MILF in question begins the story as a fifteen year old girl looking to earn some extra money to buy designer jeans. She makes an impression on a nine year old boy by teaching him some good Wiffle ball moves. The story takes place over the next 12 years, with some flashbacks. It's a romance that really works, and by the end the 6 year age difference between them means nothing. I loved reading this.
  • Oh My God, Bro! on March 23, 2021

    A young man has a nasty trick played on him by some idiots at a party. Already horny to begin with, he has had two Viagra slipped into his drink. He get's home, and things won't return to normal no matter what he tries. He is understandably upset. Fortunately he has an older sister, who is, after a great deal of reluctance, willing to help him out with his problem. This is a story well told, and while it includes its fair share of hot moments, it is also ultimately quite affectionate and brings the relationship between the two siblings to an emotional high. Nicely done.
  • A Connecticut Nympho on King Arthur's Crotch on April 19, 2021

    Simply brilliant, this must be the true reincarnation of the great American author. Very sexy, and lots of fun to read.
  • My Wife's Twin on July 02, 2021

    I read this years ago, and in re-reading it, I just realized I had never posted a review. My apologies. "My Wife's Twin" is a well written story, both erotic and loving at the same time. In this compact package, the author uses (or at least mentions) many of the themes that he uses in his "First Year After" series, including polyamory and compersion. There is a lot in this little story, and I think you'll like it. Ultimately, it's a well told story of love. I don't want to say more here, I hope you enjoy it for yourself.
  • Busty Becky on July 02, 2021

    Quite the fantasy, and quite the hotel. There is a lot of room for additional fantasies in this amazing old hotel.
  • Into Another World on July 09, 2021

    Really good sci-fi and even better erotica. A thorough exploration of the parallel universe meme, hot sex and fine inter-universe romance. Nicely done.
  • Olivia & Owen on Aug. 07, 2021

    Wow! I am completely dumbstruck, having finally read this story, which I had picked up some time ago. It is beautifully written, quite poignant, and strikes many emotional chords. Please, if you are attracted to sibling romance stories, do yourself a favor and read this. It's that good.
  • The Chosen One: A Group Sex Novella on Aug. 07, 2021

    This is a well written novella, with a number of unexpected plot twists. Eighteen year old Trillium is a virgin offered to the Gods by the human population of her district. She has devoted her life to training to be a suitable Chosen One candidate. She believes the theology she is taught, and swallows it hook, line and sinker. There is much here that makes me embarrassed to be a human. I'm not going to reveal more of the plot than you see in the blurb. There is much satire here (not to mention satyr) and ultimately, perhaps some redemption. I suspect the author is not a particularly big fan of organized religion. If I was a member of this society, I suspect I wouldn't be one either. Although, if it's good for the district economy.... This is a story well worth the read. It will help if you're a fan of the late, great, Robert A. Heinlein.
  • Escort or Partner on Sep. 24, 2021

    A beautifully written love story, sensual and erotic. A man hires an escort for a road trip through Vietnam, and quickly discovers love. A nice read.
  • Singapore Heat on Sep. 27, 2021

    I loved reading this intricate and interwoven novel of characters in Singapore in the early 1980s. Lots of sex, in various combinations, almost all M/F. Very well done, a pleasure to read, and as a bonus I almost feel like I've been to a place I've never been.
  • The Right Gift at the Wrong Door on Oct. 28, 2021

    With the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year and a half, I have to wonder how many real life delivery mistakes lead to adventures like this one. I loved the writing in this story, both comedic and erotic. It should make for an interesting story once Ray's wife gets home from work. Recommended.
  • Package Deal on Dec. 10, 2021

    This is quite a book, well written and plotted out, and quite erotic besides. There is a lot going on here. As the story progresses, I think it might have been useful to provide some 3-D genealogical charts (if they make such things) to track the relationships. Of course, these would need to revised the further we get into the story. These are some complicated relationships, but sometimes love conquers all obstacles. I hope you enjoy this, I know I did.
  • Pharaoh's Taboo Gift on Dec. 25, 2021

    Really well written and incredibly hot, this is quite a story. It also would be one incredible archeological find, if it was so, complete with illustrations and sculptures. I'm not sure if the Egyptian authorities would allow it, but it would be sure to bring in a lot of western tourists, which would have to be good for the economy. I really like this idea, explored by the author in other books, of bringing back various of the old gods, major and minor. I wish Hatshepsut much luck in her bid for a spiritual comeback. She'll have a lot of adjustments to make after a 3,000 year absence, and I can understand how she would be uncomfortable at the idea of an airline flight from Cairo to New York. However hard she may try, she will still not be able to get an international flight into LaGuardia, it's got to be either JFK or Newark. This is a fun read, and I recommend it.
  • My Sister's A What? (Book 4 of "Forbidden Secrets") on Dec. 29, 2021

    Well written and quite erotic, a younger sister helps her sibling explore her sexuality and preferences. A fine read.
  • Perfect Ten! - A Romance Super-Bundle on Dec. 30, 2021

    A wonderful bundle of some of the author's best romances, all well written, highly erotic, and quite frankly as you go from one story to another what you have here is an abundance of treasures. One peeve I do have with the book is the lack of a decent table of contents. However the contents are so stellar, I'm not about to downrate it on that account. On my Kindle, I wound up putting one together using the notebook feature. For your convenience, here is what's in the anthology: 1. Our Neighbor's A Porn Star! 2. Innocent Passion 3 Our Lusty Cheating Neighbor 4. Her Viking Slave 5. Tides of Lust 6. Kali's Deadly Kiss 7. The Snow Maid 8. The Horniest Angel 9. Idle Hands- Part One of The Succubus 10. The Devil's Playthings-Part Two of the Succubus If you've never read Alana Church, and you've got a liking for erotic romance with great plots and characters, picking this up will be a great bargain, that I don't think you'll regret.
  • Naughty Nubile Niece on Jan. 03, 2022

    Alana Church really knows how to write a story. In particular, she really knows how to write a story like this. There are enough details in the summary, and in Zorro1782's review for me to give away any more of the story. Suffice it to say this is a well written story, with good characters, building ever so gradually to... an emotionally satisfactory conclusion. I found it to be very well worth the trip. I am very much looking forward to the sequel.
  • Begging For Pegging on Jan. 07, 2022

    A well written pegging story. A young man gets what he wants from his fiancée, after going shopping for the necessary equipment. Things work their way to an explosively happy ending.
  • I Burn For You: an Erotic Short Story on Jan. 07, 2022

    Beautifully written, and incredibly erotic. I think they'll make a lovely couple.
  • The Commuters on Feb. 25, 2022

    An incredible bit of erotic writing. An entrancing buildup, and then hot sweaty sex. Just lovely.
  • My Wife's A Pornstar on Feb. 26, 2022

    I enjoyed this story of a wife's revenge on her hypocritical husband. The story was written by a what I assume was a non-English speaking author, but the minor flaws in it don't negate the author getting their erotic and powerful message across. A short but good read, particularly at this price!
  • Love in the Rain on March 14, 2022

    A beautiful love story, filled with enough sex to satisfy the most demanding romantic erotica reader. A great read, if like me you enjoy this sort of thing.
  • The Hazard Chronicles - Complete Anthology (Books 1 - 28) on May 01, 2022

    A well written collection of one incredible town in Montana. Totally hot and quite the read.
  • Shopping on May 05, 2022

    Just lovely. A beautifully crafted and quite erotic short story of a woman's trip to the supermarket. Very well done.
  • Q is for Quinn, Q is for Quickie on May 05, 2022

    A little gem. A sexy lunchbreak to remember.
  • An Anniversary to Remember on June 29, 2022

    A beautiful, loving read. Lots of buildup leading to a simply wonderful ending. Well worth the read from beginning to end. Just loved it.
  • My First Reel Porno on Aug. 08, 2022

    Well written, and absolutely, totally hot! I just loved it, from beginning to end. What a way to make the rent!
  • Car Wash Quickie on Aug. 09, 2022

    Short, but totally sweet, this is one neck of a full service car wash! Well written, and very hot!
  • The Ancient Rite on March 29, 2023

    I regret not reading this incredible story until now. This is one heck of a city wide fertility ritual, performed in full public view by a priestess and a young god-like man who may turn out to be an actual god. Very, very hot, well written and a totally awesome read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Twin Stars on March 29, 2023

    A tender and beautifully written story by Shelby Horne. Twins Apollo and Artemis are picked up after a wreck in space at age 9. Grateful to their rescuers, they are given jobs on the craft that rescued them. They are now of age, and neither had has ever had a sexual experience, other than by themselves. The crew is much older. This is the story of their awakening with each other, the only persons on the ship even close to their ages. Beautifully told, it is a very tender and erotic tale which I think you will enjoy.
  • The Swing on April 27, 2023

    Well written, quite erotic and just a joy to read. A short story, with not a word wasted, I too have to wonder if the painter might have some romantic attachment with the model. The narrator in this story certainly did! A truly excellent read, one which should be savored.
  • Hot and Horny Half Sister on July 14, 2023

    A beautifully told story, just the right amount of tension leading up to a wonderful conclusion. Highly erotic.
  • A Springtime Breeding on July 14, 2023

    A well written, absolutely incredible story of a spring time breeding ritual in an early society. Well done, and very hot.
  • A Happy Breeding Accident on July 14, 2023

    Two teenagers together, naked, on a couch for the very first time. What can happen? Well written, and oh so hot!
  • Seducing Mr. Cummings on July 14, 2023

    Tres, tres hot! Short, but oh so very good!
  • Cum Inn on July 14, 2023

    Wow! The White Mountain Inn is what I would truly call a full service hotel! Such a very hot story indeed!
  • The Librarian's New Neighbor on July 15, 2023

    A very, very hot read. A shy librarian introduces herself to her new across the hall neighbor. She brings over some chocolate chip cookies. And that's not all.....
  • Sis Loves Me! on July 16, 2023

    I loved everything about this story. So hot, so loving. Just well done!