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Matt Mayevsky, an economist and political scientist specializing in foresight as also in forecasting.

In 1998-2010 the serial entrepreneur carrying out authorial marketing, publishing and Internet projects. The author of non-fiction books, including "Cyfrowa przestrzeń biznesowa" (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN) and "The Clouds Economy" (Chiron Academic Press – Sweden). In addition, as a SF writer, he has published, among others, cyber romance “The Man Who Wanted to Understand Women" and an urban fantasy novel “Animal eFiction".

Smashwords Interview

When did you first discover that you were a writer?
I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m the author of non-fiction and fiction books. And above all, I am a foresight analyst. Today you too easily juggle the labels, which indicates the word devaluation and thus the devaluation of the original values ​​contained in certain definitions. A writer is someone more than the author of books, he or she is a wizard of words, or more appropriately he or she is a master of words. To be called a writer you have to earn it. That's why, that I am the author, I have a deep respect for the real writers. As someone once said, "I want to be well proportioned."
What is your favorite part of writing?
In connection with this question, I remember the statement of a traveler who, to the question of what is best to travel through the jungle, replied "the day when you walk into the jungle and the day when you come out of it.” The same is true about writing. What is beautiful is the creation, the plot and characters formation, the act of drawing a detailed script. Different ideas are coming to your mind, the plot becomes more colorful, elaborate when creating a new, complete world. It's a really fascinating stage of work, when you see the idea being developed in your head. At the beginning there is an inspiration, a ray of light, which is trying to break into your imagination. If you notice this, then you will want to see more. You think about it and the new plots, new ideas appear, which attract you more and more. Up to the moment in which the screenplay is ready and you can start writing. Although , to tell the truth,the whole process can be much extended in time. Especially when you have support yourself with additional knowledge, the information necessary to create a complete scenario. The next step is sweat and toil. As writing can be very stimulating, it might be an entertainment, the final form as impressive content is usually the result of hard, creative work. Of course, not always the effort is noticed and appreciated by the recipient. Sometimes , what is a remarkable , creative achievement for an author, is barely noticeable by a reader. And vice versa. What an author considers as the average effect of his / her work may reflect a strong echo in the publishing market. According to me this is the most fascinating.Book text interpretations. Surprising thoughts, nuances, which sometimes aren`t recognized even by an author , are raised to the rank of the monument by a reader. Well, the last phase of the work is very pleasant. Getting out of the jungle, that is what I call the "machining". Out of a severe form of raw text, the author brings the final shape of his / her work. That's when the author decides about the final form and content of the book. That's when the words and sentences tremble in fear of the guillotine of reduction or complete change. I like this stage. This is is the moment where you feel like a master of words.
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