Matt Phillips


Matt’s journey to find out who he really is as a person and what is truly important to him has seen him break through the temptations of alcohol and dig deep into how he defines himself. He has come out the other side much stronger, focused, and confident in himself. Matt has certainly been through the ups and downs that sports bring with it. From getting cut from the baseball team his freshman year of college to actually making the team his sophomore year, Matt has learned valuable life lessons that have translated beyond the baseball field into life and business.

As a former Bundesliga professional baseball player in Austria and college baseball player in the United States, Matt inspires audiences with his passion for sharing his story and personal life lessons as experienced through sports and business. Matt feels a responsibility to let others know what struggles he encountered along the way and, more importantly, how he has pushed through those tough times. We can learn from those around us, and Matt is focused on teaching, coaching, and mentoring those around him so that they do not make the same mistakes.

Matt combines his lessons learned from sports and his numerous years in operations, finance, and accounting with Fortune 500 companies, and brings them to the Board room, so that employees can be most impactful and set themselves up for success, both personally and professionally. He will no doubt leave you with a unique and worldly perspective due to living and working in the United Sates, Austria, and Switzerland.

Matt motivates audiences with key note speeches, seminars, and personal coaching…

For Athletes:
- How to successfully transition to life after sports

For Organizations/Businesses:
- Preparing for change...getting ready for your transition

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