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Born in Yuma of 1989, I grew up more as a computer guy and found reading to be dull. I even detested writing altogether during my earlier years, nearly failing my English classes because of it. I was a sloppy writer who understood the language but not the sentence structure, and never bothered to put real thought into my work; this reached to a point where all my literature teachers cared about was that the work was done - I even recall my heart pausing in horror for a moment as I witnessed one of them accept an essay I had just finished the night before, held it before me, and ripped in half without taking a single glance at the work. I was only able to breathe easy when she informed me that it was accepted and I was able to pass her class.

This continued until mid-September of 2005 when, out of boredom of having an entire semester's worth of work done within the first few weeks, I wrote three long-forgotten paragraphs to a story that has since been re-written several times over. As I read through those paragraphs I discovered a genuine talent and writing quickly became a hobby that I loved to practice.

I have been writing on-and-off since then with works ranging from fanfiction and original short stories to a number of currently unfinished novels. I still procrastinate and writing's merely a hobby, but it's a hobby I enjoy doing when the mood strikes me.

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