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  • Mr. November on May 18, 2012

    Great read! I really got into it. The author's skill in keeping me enthralled is to be applauded. Trust me. I get distracted easily. I wanted the story to keep going. I truly fell back into young Bobby's world, wanting to yank him and his brother out of the story to protect them. I'll definitely read more of Mr. Tanpepper's works. He has a new fan :)
  • Outsourced on May 19, 2012

    hahahaha! Okay, so that was good. Dark and good. Zombies and humor, an unexpected good mix. It also feels good to laugh at the human race. After all, we ARE all very silly when it comes down to it. The author has something here. LIKE!
  • GAMELAND Episode 2: Failsafe on June 23, 2012

    Most excellent! I have to confess that yes, the zombie/techno/Gameland aspect is quite intriguing, but I am secretly following the up and down relationship between our heroine Jessie and her sweetheart Kelly. Yes, I'm a girl :) This series is my first taste of zombie literature. The whole genre never really appealed to me. I get scared easily. But this author is doing a great job of keeping the scary parts balanced with the human touch. I can't wait for episode 3!