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I am a freelance writer and I have written book reviews for the News Enterprise and I am the Kentucky Literacy reporter for I have been a judge in the Laural and Maggie Romance reader Awards for the last two years and judge for Writer's Digest self published books awards for the last five years. I have been published in "Echo", a college poetry publication, and I am the author of a short story that was printed in a News Enterprise writing competition, for which I won honorable mention. I am a published writer with the Yahoo Contributor Network (aka Associated Content) and also write book reviews for Our Novel Notions web site.

I am a native of Hodgenville, Ky. I have coordinated a number of public service programs, such as: Back To Work (a series of programs designed to aid displaced workers in finding employment), Credit Repair Classes, "MOMs" (a program to aid young mothers), the annual Summer Reading Program Hardin Co. Library for eight wonderful years, and the "Written Word" (a group for aspiring writers).

I have also served or am currently serving on the following agency boards: CASA, Spring Haven Domestic Violence Shelter for the Radcliff Area, Radcliff Women's Club (as vice-president), Ky.St.Poetry Society President Elect 2009-2010 and Community Alternatives of Kentucky Board.

I hold an Associate's Degree in Human Services, and a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and graduated from Western Kentucky University, a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, and hold a National Golden Key Honor award. I hold a Para-professional Certificate in Library Science.

I am a champion for literacy, being an avid reader myself.

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A Death In Calgary
Price: Free! Words: 9,790. Language: English. Published: July 29, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
Death had come to town to the small little town of Calgary and it will have a smaller population when he leaves. The people of Calgary are colorful and memorable. Sam is a good man with a heavy heart and a kind nature but the devil is at his door. Choices will have to be made....lives will depend on Sam. Can he turn back death.

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  • True Heart on May 20, 2011

    Meet Mouse, but don’t under-estimate her. She is a small, dark-haired Volsung girl with a bow and arrow and she knows how to use it. This little girl it full of strength and courage. She is a heroine that readers will not soon forget. As her love for a young man, Brandt grows, Mouse must find a way to get him to see her as wife material but life intervenes. Brandt and Mouse meet three odd characters while out hunting in the Holberth Forest and Mouse’s courage will be tested to the limit as she decides to be their escort across the mountains to the Seamly Court. But the home of the Fae is on a path leads through the cursed city of Kadem and the heart of dreaded Az-Aziel’s forest realm. “‘True Heart’ is the story of a young woman learning that her worth is not found in a man’s superficial judgment of beauty, but in courage and character.” (Frank Altobelli) Reminiscent of Tolkien’s works, Altobelli weaves a story of a magical land and creative characters. All the characters were well developed and scene descriptions were wonderfully vivid. Although, I found that it took me a while to read the story, every minute was worth it to get every rich detail. A wonderful story for young adult and adults too.
  • The Sable City on May 31, 2011

    I love a book with a strong female lead and none come any bolder than McNally’s characterization of Tilda. In a world of magic, Tilda must make her way to the Sable City to find the exiled heir to the House she serves. McNally’s writing is laden with captivating descriptions of a unique world and filled with mind boggling details. The world that McNally is able to bring from his creative mind and put to paper is beautiful, yet dangerous, dark and mystic. This is a must read for any sci-fi lover and other readers as well. The is a book to take time with and let yourself become part of the excitement that McNally has created for our enjoyment.
  • Miranda's Story on May 31, 2011

    Caple’s story is a smart and catchy story of two women. One, a single woman trying to make the interpersonal relationship of a long distance romance work for her and while the other, a wife and mother with typical family problems, questions what she wants from life. Their world is about to get much more complicated for both women by a man that that wants one of the women for himself. Miranda’s Story is a story about the courage and commitment to stay the course in relationships and in personal growth. The plot brings the reader into an environment where everything seems safe but just around the corner lurks danger. A entertaining read and exceptional dialogue make this a good book for that day in the sun relaxing. Being a quick read however, it will leave you waiting for the author’s next book.
  • Gerald and the Wee People on June 06, 2011

    In a clearing, in the dark woods, is a secret society of wee people and Gerald, with his friend Vernon, has just stumbled into a wee war. With wonderful imagery and imagination, Burroughs takes her readers into a magical world filled with terror, adventure and an unsuspecting hero. Gerald and the Wee People is a book that brings the impossible to life and takes the reader right along with it into a battle that may mean death for the wee people. Without the help of Gerald, who doesn’t even know how to help, and his best friend Vernon, all may be lost. With an “Alice in Wonderland” feel, Gerald is shrank down to wee size and is at the mercy of the attacking misshapen ones along with Sheela, Cian and Sean. Can Gerald save himself and his new friends or will they all cease to be. This is a great story of courage, faith and friendship for any age. Young adults and more mature juveniles ( some violence) will enjoy the action and adventure that Burrough’s characters bring to the reader. A pleasurable read and very talented writing make this book a winner. Makes me want to go look for the magic in my own back yard.
  • Confessions of a Sex Addict on June 06, 2011

    This has been an extremely hard book for me to review and to read. The pain that comes from any addiction is harsh and even reading about it can have an affect on the reader. This book is an eye-opening experience with abuse, addition, recovery and the lengths some have to go to just to survive. It is so much more too; it is a story of strength and personal definition. The setbacks, triumphs and the pain that any addict feels and experiences are in some way all the same. Yet, each recovery and success story is as individual as each person that suffers through the disease of addiction. No matter what you think you know about the topic of sex addiction, this book will show you a story through the pained eyes of a survivor. This book is not a sexy cheap porn novel. It is a hard hitting and blunt look at sex addiction and the road to recovery and survival. This book is a learning experience and although you may not come always feeling good and joyful, you may come away with a new perspective on addicts and their existence in an unrelenting world. This book is not for the faint of heart it is explicit and raw.
  • Breakfast Anytime (Family-Friendly Edition) on June 06, 2011

    I am not one to read a lot of current poetry. Mostly because I have so many books to complete and I like to take my time with poetry, but I am a lover of Dylan Thomas. Sometimes, however, I run across poetry that stirs my heart and mind and I enjoy a nice cup of coffee and loose myself in the rhythm of the lines. Thompson’s prose have done just that. The poetry of Breakfast Anytime is emotional and dark at moments. Just my kind of writing. I could sit and describe all the styles used and comment on the exact meanings of each verse but I feel each reader must take his.her own view of each work of poetry. The one thing I look for in poetry is did it touch me in some way? Yes, this collection of works has done just that. Thompson’s, The Masks, is my true favorite. Don’t miss this wonderful experience. Read Breakfast Anytime, no don’t read it, experience it. Excerpt: “My true face you do not see, But rather a mask of the person in me...... One to show courage when I am full of fear, One to show love when anger is near. One to show belief when I fear for the worst, One to show happiness when I feel my heart burst. Yes, these are my masks, in three sets of two, Arranged like pictures on the sides of a cube. No matter how they are gazed at, no matter how viewed, My true face will always be hidden from you.” Christopher Thompson. Breakfast Anytime (Family-Friendly Edition) (Kindle Locations 257-259).
  • House on Bo-Kay Lane on July 11, 2013
    (no rating)
    The existence of the Wee People are in danger as once again Gerald, Vernon, and this time a grown up, Andrew (Gerald's dad) come to their aid. The differences in the cultures of the two worlds are well contrasted and examined in the writing skills of Burroughs and sometimes even comically. Once again Burroughs has delivered a great YA book for all ages. Returning to the land of wee people has been as great adventure as the first time. Greta has delivered a magical world of adventure and enlightenment. It was good to see old friends, Gerald and Vernon and to meet an new adult character. The choice of connecting the two world by alternating the settings between Gerald's world and the world of the Wee People (book one), allows the reader more insight to the characters motivations and adds a connection that can be used in future (hint) books in the series. There is so much room to expand that it make me eager for the next book!