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  • Train to Nowhere on Dec. 09, 2011
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    When Dusty Robbins, a middle aged man finds himself in the eye of life's storm he packs a bag and heads for the door. He carries a duffel bag on one shoulder and the sun on the other, his cowboy hat pulled on tight, as he heads for the tracks that lead out of town. His thoughts are of putting time and distance between himself and his failed past. This is a story of hope, discovery, hard work and of sweet second chances.
  • Unnecessary Poetry on Jan. 23, 2012

    There is a line of reasoning that poetry grows from pain. Poetry enlightens, poetry stretches the imagination and poetry eases pain. You will find here on these pages, joy, tension, courage and wisdom. Challenge your senses go on a quest for truth. Expand your awareness go on a quest for good. Embrace this writing, advance your quest of beauty. Overcome your boredom.
  • My Life As A White, Female Drug Dealer on May 07, 2012

    My Life as a White Female Drug Dealer is a narrative that pulls the scab off the glitz and glamour of the fantasy drug world. It is at once human and heart wrenching. The tone is sobering and the story continues to pull the reader further and further from what we imagine is civilization. This is a story not of innocence lost, but of innocence stolen and through pure force of will power, not innocence regained, but shattered dignity gathered. Journey to the underbelly of the beast and return wiser for it.