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  • Secret Story Time: More Filthy Fantasies on Jan. 09, 2013

    Jaxx has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. He currently is powerfully mastering the genre of erotica. Having read Jaxx's words before, I knew what to expect: stimulating, sexy, grab-your-vibe, hot Hot HOT stories. This collection did not disappoint...not one bit! His writing style is seductive, tempting, almost voyeuristic. He writes so that you feel as if you are there...not just a witness to the intensely decadent scenes...but a participant. I can't imagine (especially in this genre) a more perfect way to relay a fantasy. But it's also well written, so far above the majority of what is available, at any price. Reading mainly erotica, I have seen the range of what is out there...free or not. If it's not well written...it's not worth reading. This will NEVER be an issue with Jaxx's work. He cares about the quality of his words, his characters, and his fans...this is obvious. I can HIGHLY recommend any and all of Jaxx's books. I especially enjoyed "Night On The Town" and "Ashley's Craving." He kindly offers some of his works, like this one, for free...the only mistake you could make would be to NOT try! I hope you read this collection and enjoy! Jason Jaxx is definitely an author to read and watch!