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Two personas affect my writings. Duplicity of authorship provides me license as the two-faced writer. Non-fiction platforms my expertise in health and wellness, while fiction allows pursuit of darkest fantasies.

Pumping iron with vehemence is my trademark at the gym. Accused of mirror hogging between annihilating exercises, I practice perfect posing. Intimidating as a 5’2.5” female with rippling back muscles can be, I am actually friendly when approached AFTER my workout. As I stagger to my Honda Civic drenched in sweat and slurping my protein shake, you may notice my license plate cover blaring, “I’d rather be Bodybuilding.” A feminine meathead? Most definitely.

Competing in local Figure Competitions with the National Physique Committee (NPC), I masterfully sculpt my body. In the process, I have the privilege of inspiring both casual exercisers and amateur athletes to reach their full potential. One-on-one training with serious trainees has pushed me beyond my limitations. Their inspirational transformations in mind, soul, and body have exemplified the life-altering benefits of superb health.

Contributing to various newsletters and websites as the exercise expert, I most enjoy the writing aspect of fitness. Interviewing competitors in Illinois for the National Physique Committee allows me to network with champion physique athletes. Having the opportunity to promote the sport of Figure, Bodybuilding, and Bikini is an indescribable honor.

Creating a fitness program at a Retirement Community without a blueprint, I enjoy displaying my ingenuity together with personality. Within 1 year, I single-handedly grew the Fitness Center from 0 to 250+ members. Combining my enthusiasm for exercise with knowledge of healthy eating, I initiated a BodySmart Program for the residents and staff complete with entertaining lessons and personal diet planning.

My alternate passion emerges through crafting suspense novels, sagas that thrill the mind and stop the heart. Weaving webs of twisting plots are my specialty. Horror softened slightly by mind-bending drama, my tales chill the soul while postulating provocative questions.

Bucking the culturally accepted norm, darkness lurks not only in the recesses of the mind but also in the offices of successful CEOs. That chipper neighbor who volunteers to feed your dog when you vacation may double as a child pornographer. The dapper pastor of the local Baptist church is coincidentally unavailable during every full moon.

Presenting inspirational talks encompassing the genres of fitness, suspense stories, and even puppet shows has overshadowed my innate shyness. When I speak about my passions for fitness and health, all inhibitions fade. Telling a gripping story to a room filled with wide-eyed children brings incredible satisfaction. My passion is to share my life lessons to an eager audience, whether through fiction or fact.

Arranging words is my art, my deepest contemplations. Building my body through pain-inducing weight training sessions demonstrates dedication to my health and fitness. Allowing my mind to pursue adventure-filled fiction stimulates creativity. Combining these two aspects of my personality creates the duo-driven writer. Synonymous with both fitness truth and cultic expertise is M.E. Anders.

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  • Bad Juju: Volume 1 on Feb. 17, 2011

    Ro Van Saint captures the readers' attention within the first anthology of short stories. The stories each possess their own "writing voice," which sets the author apart from others. Endings were unpredictable, just the way I like them. Once I started each short story, I could NOT put the book down until I had finished the story. My lust for horror mixed with sci-fi was met within the stories. My imagination was set free to expound on the stories with vivid details. Word play was masterful. Descriptions were original - no unsightly cliches to be found. Originality - if I had to compare Bad Juju - I would say it's a cross between Stephen King and Dean Koontz.